Food for Thought

Every morning I take a local train to work. Sometimes I get into vendors’ compartment because of two reasons: Not many women take this compartment and I get to experience something new every day. The thing which really fascinates me is that, I see all the vendors throwing a portion of whatever they sell in the market in the sea when we reach Vashi creek. They do it religiously every day without fail. Sometimes its fruits, sometimes its vegetables, grains or even pav (the stable bread of Mumbai). Out of curiosity I asked Shabbir, a local vendor who sells fruits at Mankhurd “Why do you throw something every day in the sea?” He replied: I give food to fish. I don’t have enough to feed many people at least I can feed them every day and happily quoted a Hindi proverb, “Neki kar dariya me daal”(Do the good deed and forget). Sometimes I wonder, when we have to donate a small portion of our earnings, we think so much but these people who live on daily wages and don’t know whether they will be able to earn enough tomorrow or not are doing their little act of kindness! This is food for Thought…


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