Dolly Ki Doli

I watched many movies this long weekend and Dolly ki Doli is one of them. The movie begins with Rajkumar Rao aka Sonu Sherawat proposing Sonam Kapoor aka Dolly to be his bride. And then, it is almost in every scene of the movie where dolly is getting married. Rajkumar Rao has played a Sugarcane farmer from Haryana and has picked up amazing Haryanvi accent. He has lived his character very well and his average looks has worked for him. Next I will pick Sonam Kapoor. She is emerging as an actor with every movie but still there is a lot of scope for improvement especially in terms of dialogue delivery. She has looked pretty which she always does flawlessly. Then we have Pulkit Samrat playing the Cop. His entire persona is inspired by Salman Khan’s look in Dabang. On the top of that, the name too is Robin Singh (Salman referred himself as Rohinhood Pandey in Dabang).

Varun Sharma who plays Manjot, one of the grooms tries to be humorous and fails miserably. He need to do a lot of variations, before he becomes stereo typed. Archana Puran Singh, who has played Manjot’s mother is a humorous package in the film. She has played a true Punjabi mother with all her traits and not to forget that now we know what to do with the gifts we get at the wedding. Pass it on to the next wedding you are going in town.

Coming to the story, you already must have guessed looking at the promos. You do not need to watch the film. The movie is all about Dolly marrying different men and running away taking all the valuables they have at home, the first night. She does it with the help of her small team who play different roles in her different marriages. They do it in a very organized way where they find the prospective groom. Do a lot of research and then approach him and close the deal; in this case the wedlock. I fail to understand that in this age of technology was it that easy to do? Another thing, when we come to the climax it gets flattened.  She gets married to the Pulkit Samrat, the cop who closes the file and burns the records. But, again she moves on looking for a new groom with her team which now has become her hobby. It could have had a practical ending but it’s a movie and anything is possible.

The pace of the movie is fine. The songs are ok. The film doesn’t hold the audience for a longer duration. It even scores low on the entertainment quotient. Please reconsider your decision before watching this movie. I would give it a 2* out of 5. I have given one extra * for Rajkumar Rao’s performance.


Baby, the film!

If you plan to watch Baby the film, then GO and please do not consider the name. It has just been mentioned twice, once at the beginning and once at the climax. Except for that, this baby is going to be extremely hit!! I will first begin with the plot which is pretty simple. Not too many characters to create confusion. The direction is crisp with the perfect pace. It’s a story of the quest of our officers to fight for the country irrespective of deadly conditions. They choose death over betrayal to the motherland. Hats off to the concept which is a truth and has been reflected in this movie brilliantly!!

Coming on to the characters of the movie, I will first begin with Danny Denzongpa. He introduces the concept “baby” and commands a very strong performance. His character has been instrumental in driving all the secret operations taking authorities into confidence. Then comes the HERO Akshay Kumar, who has played his part of a tough, hard to break officer flawlessly. He has maintained his emotion less face throughout the movie only to add on to his character. Next is Rana Duggubati, referred as HULK in the movie may be because of huge body. A short but remarkable well-built performance to say. And not to forget Shukla ji, our very own Anupam Kher. No words to express his comic timings while delivering a serious scene. He does it all effortlessly. But the cherry on the cake is Tapsee Punnu. She is looking pretty and kicks some really good ass. All the bad boys too have performed very well. The star of the movie is the speed of the execution of operations. If our government adopts that, it will be highly commendable. The movie has been shot at good locations like Istanbul, Kathmandu, Delhi and Mumbai of course. The spirit and the performances are the star you would be getting in this movie. Highly recommended!!

Bharat Shah, the Professor

It was my first day at college and we had to select our Majors for our graduation. This was one of THE decisions of our life and going to decide our future. Only few people knew what they wanted to graduate into, rest of us were clueless. After welcome session, we were all called in turn by turn and had our admin guy asking us the choices in his typical South Indian accent. Depending on the choice we made we were classified into batches. Section A for those who wanted to graduate in Finance, Section C for who those in marketing and Section B was a mix of both. My father who is a financial advisor wanted me to opt for Finance and that’s what I put as my choice for majors. But as soon as I stepped out of that room, I overheard my seniors talking to all those who opted for finance. They said if you are going for it, then get ready for the ride of your life with BHARAT SHAH.

Bharat shah, the finance professor was a kind of terror for everyone who opted for finance. He is simply a master in his subject and he can teach finance to even a layman. He can teach you entire day till you get it and that too without taking a single break. He is strict and very particular about the concepts. And the fascinating part of all is that he is a brand ambassador of Bhagat Tarachand, a pure vegetarian joint. He made it so popular that the entire crowd of my college would go there be it birthdays, placements etc. (it is economical too and for people who are students especially finance and want higher returns both tangible and intangible; this worked out to be the best place)

Next day the week’s routine was up on the notice board. The juniors started taking a note of it while the seniors started making plans keeping finance class as constant. It was our finance class on the third day and I could hear whispers around. Then, we saw a simple man with grey hairs and hazy eyes walking into the class. He introduced himself as Bharat Shah and asked everyone to introduce ourselves. After the introduction, he asked us one question. Why do you want to take finance?? Many people started giving him answers as if they were asked why we should take you in our college. This was a common question asked during the Personal interviews while selecting students for MBA. Not satisfied with the answers, he said if you are still not sure, you may like to opt out of it. It’s about your future and may be because of him I decided to take marketing as my majors.

When it was time for his class, there was an invisible announcement of him arriving any time. You can actually see no movements in the class. No one would go for a break. The attendance was 100% because no there was no room for proxies. He would call for our names and look at our faces and then move to the next one. The assignment submissions were never postponed. Everyone was in the class before it started and those who could not, got punishments. The punishments were as cute as he was. Either we had to sing, dance or tell a joke but he would let anyone take their seats until they entertain the entire class. May be that way he uses to break the monotony. Many of us were shy to sing or dance and always use to be in time.

One day I went to see my friend Mouparna in marketing class not knowing that it was time for Mr. Bharat shah to enlighten them. By the time, I could realize he had already stepped in. I tried hiding away and taking an exit, but he caught me. And the same rule applied. So, either I had to dance or sing to let him leave me and go out.  So, this time I thought why can’t I dance with him?? So, I grabbed his hand and pulled him up for a ball dance and Oh boy, He was a sport. He danced with me gracefully and took a bow with me in front of the viewers. That was one of the moments for me. Then, time passed and we had new students coming in and it was our time to be seniors. Once, I went to see him in his class. When I entered, he looked at the class and said, do you know who she is?? I make everybody dance but she is the one who has made me dance. I can never ever forget this introduction in my life. It’s been years now and I haven’t met him for long but still. I always remember him and I guess he will one of those professors who are registered in your mind forever!! He has been instrumental in making us take right choice in our life and I know that all my batch mates will agree that we owe a part to him for being wherever we are.

Salim, the Eunuch

Once, I had the luxury of staying near my workplace in Mumbai, which is usually most desirable and non-achievable thing in Mumbai. Every day while taking a local for workplace, I use to come across a young eunuch who would be in his early teenage; dressed shabbily and touching everyone’s head (a form of blessing from them) to ask for money. I use to feel bad for her. Every day I would give her something and always pass a smile while doing so. Gradually we started sharing words too.

Due to flexi timings, I never used to be in the same train. After some days when I took 11:00 am local, I saw her again but this time there was a change in her. She was well-dressed and accessorized with straight hair and make-up. She looked presentable. Out of curiosity, I asked her the reason for this beautiful change. She replied, the gang which she was a part of has appointed a fashion consultant to make them look presentable. She said that this will help in getting good business to them. I could not get it but didn’t intrigue her.

Then, my events got me busy again. After they got over, I took the same afternoon train. This time when I met her, she was very much stressed and hurt on her face but very well-dressed. I somehow didn’t like it and asked her “What was wrong with her” and why was she hurt?? I think, that was the moment for her and she could not stop it. She was forced to work as a sex worker by her gang and if she denied, her man would beat her miserably. I asked her man?? She replied that for each member of the gang, a man was the owner who would decide their fate. He would give them food and shelter and in turn they had to do whatever he asked for. Last night she denied going with him and the result was a hard punch on her face. This was a frequent incident with her. I was shocked and advised her to return to her hometown. I asked her if she was kidnapped or something and brought in here??

Then, she informed me that her name is “Salim”. And He was born into a conservative Muslim family residing in a small village near Kanpur. The mother hid the fact for some time but later, his father could know the truth and did not accept him as a part of the family. He ordered his mother to leave him out of this village in the night when everyone is asleep. Poor mother did so with a heavy heart but took a promise that Salim will come to meet her at least once every year. I asked him if he did so. He said, he does so every year. Whatever is his share from his earnings he gives it to his mother whenever he meets her. He has also given her a phone and always informs her of his arrival. She comes to meet him crossing the river and brings him home cooked food and loads of love. He said that he doesn’t mind all this pain as far as he is able to support his family financially and get his sisters married. He left me speechless and with lots of respect for him. It has been years now and I have never seen him after this incident but would always pray for his happiness. Some people simply change the way we think in life!!