I hate her she is too much of a feminist! Hate me i am a feminist too!!


“Recognition is not what I want,Respect and Equality is what I deserve,neither am i a secondary character nor a complication to kill off I am a Hero!”

Guys,If you find it offesive you are just an another guy,if not respect to u!

8th march,Women’s day,my company was celebrating women’s day,all ladies dressed up in pink tp celebrate womanhood,shared some speeches about how the head count of females in our organisation has botched up and that’s it.Really women Is that All?Govt says so prudly women empowerment,women are rising,female foeticide has reduced,Well,Good news for government Bad news for me!!

I say why to let her live because anyways she is going to compromise all her life sacrifice in every sphere and live with the fear of being raped anytime all her life,its better to be killed than to be insulted in one or other way all our life.Lets’s take a dig…

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