Baahubali, the Beginning

I know I am late for this one, but I could not stop myself from writing about it. For a movie buff like me, we don’t require a reason to watch a movie. But, #Baahubali had not one but many; The most expensive film, the Highest grossing Indian Film, The first South Indian film to join the 300-crore club. First week, we could not get the tickets. So, we pre-booked for the next weekend. When we entered the theater, it was HOUSE FULL even for the second week.

For this movie, I will first begin with V Srinivas Mohan, the Visual effects Supervisor and Sabu Cyril for his art direction. You will be blown by the huge sets, backgrounds, landscapes which has been drawn in the movie give it an authentic historic feel. The entire team has put a lot of thought into the set designing. You can’t make out that it’s imposed in the film and not a part of real set. Few sets worth mentioning are The Waterfall, The Fort of “Mahismati”, and the kingdom.

Coming to the lead character of the film, Prabhas; this is the first time I have watched him. He is convincingly Shiva the mighty, tall and apt for the character #Baahubali. He has perfectly played both the aspects of being the romantic heartthrob and the fighter. Avantika, the Lady love of Baahubali played by Tamannah is a strong character. It’s about a woman who has sacrificed her entire life for the queen and the kingdom. She has taken the cues of a fighter woman very well; especially the walk and the body language. She has shown some real good action in the film. Special mention to Anushka Shetty, who has played the role of “Devasena”, the queen who has been captive for 25 years by Bhallaldev for not choosing him to be her groom.

But, the lady who has taken my heart is Ramya Krishnan; playing Sivagami, the lady who is protecting the kingdom “Mahismati”. She is a strong woman who has taken up this cause to protect and nurture her kingdom against all odds. She is a visionary, who decides the fate of the throne by the capability of the person irrespective of the fact that the person is her son or not. She portrays a woman who has got fire in her eyes and won’t let anyone ruin her kingdom. Special mention to the scene where she protects Shiva from her own soldiers and dies in the river but held the child in a way so that he survives. Hats off for her strong performance. Another performance worth mentioning is Kattapa, who is an ally to the queen Sivagami; played by Sathyaraj. He is the warrior, who is loyal to the kingdom and the throne and is ready to kill anyone who is not the true heir and eyes it.

The negative character in the movie Bhallala Deva, played by Rana Daggubati is outstanding. He had played the strong, the crooked and the cruel king who doesn’t care about the kingdom. His physique, get up, clothing is extremely convincing and reminds me of Ravana from Ramayan. All the characters in the film are sketched very thoughtfully and the designers had done a brilliant job with their looks, make up and costumes to bring life into the characters.

Moving to off-screen stars, the writer V Vijendra Prasad has written the story as if he personally knows the characters. It seems like a historic event which has happened in the past. He has conceived every aspect of the movie beginning from the plot, the characters, the story line etc. so well and brilliantly directed by S. S. Rajamouli.

Thing which I liked in the movie is, the attention to details given to every scene in the film. There is a scene where Shiva takes the Shivling to the waterfall. There he crosses a pothole, which reflects the mirror image of Shiva holding the Shivling. There is a song sequence where Shiva transforms Avantika from a warrior to a beautiful girl. This song has been amazingly thought, directed and shot. Especially when he puts Kajal in her eyes and paints her lips.

Things which I disliked are the songs, as they are dubbed and could not please me. When the songs were playing, I actually thought of a fast forward button. Another thing is the ACTION. It’s good but sometimes it feels unnatural and overboard. But, given the fact that it’s a South Indian film, this can be expected. Had the action be more real, the movie would have been a class apart experience for me.
I would like to give it a 4*/5. This movie is a must watch especially for the concept, the visual effects, the characters and the story. #Baahubali, the Beginning is a beginning of great ideas and effects from India which have got a global appeal. It’s a beginning to show that if a movie is great, it can cross continents and make its mark. This movie will definitely give you a great watch and a curiosity for #Baahubali, the conclusion which is set to release in 2016.


Bajrangi Bhaijaan

I am huge SALMAN Fan and Bajrani Bhaijaan has been into my MUST WATCH list from the time the promotions started on Social Media. But, getting the ticket was a real fight. House Full on Book my Show for the Eid weekend. All the tickets were booked in advance. So, I had to take the trouble of going to one of my nearest theaters to get the tickets. This reminded me of those old times when you had to stand in a queue to get the tickets for a Super hit movie. But, this movie is a Hit from the first day first show!

#BajraniBhaijaan what a concept!! The movie is about a beautiful relationship which knows no border. A girl who can’t speak is lost in India and by god’s grace she meets Bajrangi, our Salman Khan who pledges to take her back to her family in Pakistan. In this world where people are just killing people, coming out with this concept was extremely thoughtful of the team. It’s a moment of pride for me, that Indian Cinema is coming out with brilliant concepts which has made the people think. Cinema is a mirror to the society and it has the power to change the thought process. This is one of those movies. Kudos to the entire team.

Talking about characters, let me begin with Bhaijaan, Salman Khan. He has played Pawan kumar Chaturvedi, who is disciple of Lord Hanuman and doesn’t lie. You will love him for his simplicity and honesty in his character. At the same time, he has been extremely passionate about helping the little girl and taking her back to her family in Pakistan come what may. He has been emotional like a child and tough like a tiger. This is one of his outstanding performances. Next, I will talk about the little girl Harshali Malhotra. She is the real star of the film. She has acted so well as speech impaired girl that you can’t believe her age. Her expressions, emotions and beauty are simply adorable. She looks like a doll and any one will fall in love with her.

Kareena Kapoor, (Rasika) the leading lady who has played the lady love is beautiful as ever like the name of her character. She has acted naturally and done great for the part given to her. She has looked great with ethnic wear and lovely jewelry. Nawazuddin Siddiqui, who has played Chand Nawaz, a Pakistani reporter is marvelous. His passionate efforts to help Bajrangi in finding the little girl’s parent are remarkable. He has added humor to his character which has left a mark on my mind. Special Mention to Om Puri and Sharat Saxena for their performances.

The best part of the film is the story, which is written by V Vijendra Prasad who is known to have given many blockbusters one of which is Bahubali. The dialogues are superb, songs are peppy. Everyone around is humming #Selfielelere. The film has been shot at beautiful locations like Rajasthan, New Delhi and Kashmir adding beauty to the story. The film has been conceived, thought, and directed extremely well by Kabir Khan, who has put all his heart to the movie. We, viewers have laughed, cried, prayed and fallen in love with the movie. High on emotion, brilliant on passion and Great in Action. A MUST WATCH movie and trust me, you will leave the theatre with pride, happiness and smile on your face.