How to have a great time with your Husband?

The long weekend has arrived! So, I thought of sharing a small list of activities for all the lovely ladies who want undivided attention from their respective Husbands.

  1. Hide your TV remote. Best would be to throw it out of the window and pretend that you never had it. Anyways, we women are popular for misplacing stuffs in the house. This might give you a chance of having a romantic conversation. Make the most of it! And if he says, how come you forgot where the TV remote is, you have a long list of things which he has forgotten. I am sure, he won’t dare.
  1. Remove all the chairs placed right in front of your TV. This will eliminate the chances of his butt magnets getting attracted to that chair. You can pull him out for a lovely evening walk.
  1. Ask for his credit card and tell him that you want to go shopping. He will offer to accompany you. Grab that opportunity. Though, the entire idea is to save you from impulse buying but still that’s better than watching that South Indian Movie for 1000th time. 
  1. The moment he tells that he is feeling sleepy, start calling up his relatives and pass the phone to him every time you talk to one. He will make sure that he takes you out so that, you don’t call them up. For many of them, you know much more information than he does!
  1. This one is best! Tell him, its bottle gourd (doodhi/Lauki) for dinner. Within few minutes, you might be having a candle light dinner. Make sure you take him to a restaurant which doesn’t have a TV and even if, it has one; make sure he is sitting right opposite to you.

Wish you all a Merry Christmas and lovely weekend with your husbands. Let me know if you want to add to this list. Also, if it worked for you!



Movies are special to me and as a matter of fact, they are special to everyone. For some people, its mirror to the society, some people see themselves as protagonist, for some it’s way of life and for some people it is life. That’s why I never go by any ratings or opinions to watch a movie. I watch it myself and then I get very own version of story.

The day Tamasha released, many people were not so happy about it and yes, they voiced it on social media. We can’t escape that. It does grab our eye balls. Somehow, I was successful in not making an opinion about it. I watched the movie myself and I present to you my review on Tamasha.

The movie started with a story telling on stage, a Tamasha. Then, started series of events where a young boy was fascinated by stories. He goes to a story teller and pays him 5 bucks/hour to listen to a story. Then, he makes his own stories.

Story teller is a key character who has a commendable art of storytelling. He narrates them in a way that a child can understand and paint a picture in his mind. What’s interesting is that he mixes all the stories and gives them a different perspective altogether. And if we trace back in the history, they all are similar. The role has been played by Piyush Mishra and nobody could have done better than him.

I liked the thought where the actor Ved, played by Ranbir Kapoor goes for a vacation just to be himself. A place where no one knows him, no one judges him and no one tells him what to do. He can simply be himself. It’s something everyone can relate to, because we are living lives which is far away from what we want to as we all have to pay our mortgages. In this life, it’s getting difficult to be yourself because we all are living in the pressure of being someone. We all are unique and if we start being someone else, we are losing our uniqueness and that’s what makes us mediocre.

Tara, the lady love played by Deepika is sweet girl who understand things. She is open-minded and courageous to accept her feeling for Ved. She is the one who makes Ved realise where his heart belongs to. What he wants to do. Though, this realisation didn’t go down so well with him. That’s the reality with all of us. We just don’t want to accept who we are. We simply can’t handle rejection while it is important to fail in life. That makes Success a celebration. Tara, let’s Ved be what he wants to and appreciate the way he really is.

Music by A R Rahman has different genres and perfectly played within the story line. Corsica is beautiful. I liked the concepts but for the story, there are many dull moments. I lost interest in few segments which is not expected from an Imtiaz Ali movie. I do have the same observation that gradually I am finding all his movie similar. May be that’s what he wants to convey through story teller that all movies are similar.  The only things which differentiates is the art to storytelling!

Imtiaz Ali has done a great job as a story teller. He has shown the realities of life which we don’t accept but are a victim to it. It’s practical like many people do! He has been able to get the right sentiments delivered by the lead actors. For Music I will rate it 3.5/5, story 4/5 and direction 3/5

The above ratings are on the basis of my thoughts, which might differ from your’ s. For that you have to go and watch it. It’s definitely a lovely watch!