How to have a great time with your Husband?

The long weekend has arrived! So, I thought of sharing a small list of activities for all the lovely ladies who want undivided attention from their respective Husbands.

  1. Hide your TV remote. Best would be to throw it out of the window and pretend that you never had it. Anyways, we women are popular for misplacing stuffs in the house. This might give you a chance of having a romantic conversation. Make the most of it! And if he says, how come you forgot where the TV remote is, you have a long list of things which he has forgotten. I am sure, he won’t dare.
  1. Remove all the chairs placed right in front of your TV. This will eliminate the chances of his butt magnets getting attracted to that chair. You can pull him out for a lovely evening walk.
  1. Ask for his credit card and tell him that you want to go shopping. He will offer to accompany you. Grab that opportunity. Though, the entire idea is to save you from impulse buying but still that’s better than watching that South Indian Movie for 1000th time. 
  1. The moment he tells that he is feeling sleepy, start calling up his relatives and pass the phone to him every time you talk to one. He will make sure that he takes you out so that, you don’t call them up. For many of them, you know much more information than he does!
  1. This one is best! Tell him, its bottle gourd (doodhi/Lauki) for dinner. Within few minutes, you might be having a candle light dinner. Make sure you take him to a restaurant which doesn’t have a TV and even if, it has one; make sure he is sitting right opposite to you.

Wish you all a Merry Christmas and lovely weekend with your husbands. Let me know if you want to add to this list. Also, if it worked for you!


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