October – A Movie for Love and Hope

October Poster

Decision Making Matrix before you watch October


With *Classy I mean, a movie where story is the real hero and there are no flashy songs or dance sequences. Also, you won’t find any action scenes to give you the adrenaline rush. People are drawn to the theaters only to watch great performances by the actors. And “October” is one such movie.

Honestly, neither the name nor the promos were so promising for me and hence, this movie was not in my “To Watch” list this week. The only reason I went to watch the movie was a message from a friend who fell in love with this movie.  So, I decided to go for an afternoon show on a Sunday and was pleased to see that the theater was having an occupancy of about 60% (I was not expecting so many viewers for this movie).

The movie has a humble start with a background of a hotel where few executives are training to complete their course in hotel management. One of the executives is “Dan”, played by Varun Dhawan. Dan is both cool and crazy at the same time. He goofs up with every job assigned to him even, the simplest ones. He is a careless, immature guy who wants to finish his course as soon as possible but due to his mistakes he is delayed by few months in the course. He dreams of opening up his own restaurant after clearing this course.

Dan is our very next door boy and Varun has played this character effortlessly. Everyone can relate it to him. He is someone who thinks from heart and don’t put his mind so much into anything unless required. We all have been like him at one point in our lives until life beat us to the level wherever we are today. A lovely thing about his character is that he is innocent like a child and has patience of a mountain.

Next important character is “Shiuli” played by Banita Sandhu.  She plays a girl who is dedicated towards her job, performs very well and always praised for her work. Unfortunately she meets with an accident, which makes her bedridden. She almost has no dialogues but delivers well with her emotions for a bedridden girl.

Geetanjali Rao plays the role of “Prof. Vidya Iyer”, mother of Shiuli. She plays one of the strongest character. Even with meager chances of her daughter surviving, she never gave up. She was going through family and financial pressure due to medical expenses incurred for Shiuli’s treatment, but these situations could not shake her up. She was firm on her decision and determined to take care of her daughter.

Special mention to Juhi Chaturvedi, for those amazing one liners delivered by Varun Dhawan where, he will give you courage and hope with the simplest of words used. These dialogues are funny but have a great meaning attached to them. This movie is all about hope and love, expecting nothing in return. To know why it’s called “October”, you need to watch the movie!

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