Bir and Soni

Excited about the results, Bir woke up. He freshened up and immediately rushed to buy the newspaper. He bought it and started screening the page hurriedly and there it was, on page no.7. His number was listed for the people who qualified. He was very happy holding that newspaper. He was selected for the government job, he was working so hard for and now, he knew his life was going to change for good. All his miseries weregoing to end and very soon he would start of life of comfort and happiness. He quickly packed and took the bus in the evening to go to his village to collect his joining notice. 

He reached early morning, and quietly entered the house with a big smile on his face. He was excited to break the news to his father. His father, Mr. Singh, was an extremely orthodox man and knowing about his son’s selection for government job made him insecure. Just the idea that his son being no more controlled by him, made him crazy. Instead of being happy, he took that letter and put it in the cooking fire, right in front of Bir’s eyes. He couldn’t understand his father’s behavior and was all heartbroken. Tears started rolling his eyes, but he didn’t have the courage to say anything against his father. So was Soni, Bir’s wife, who was standing holding the door of the room andlooking at the burning letter as her lost hope for her husband’s brighter future. 


However, there was still hope for Soni. After four and half years of staying way, she was soon going to be with her husband. Two days later, excited about her future, she was packing all that she’ll require to start a new life in this new city she was going to. While packing, she was smiling and thinking of how her life willchange for better. Her thoughts were disrupted as her father in law, Mr. Singh, entered the house like a storm. Everyone went into hiding in their respective rooms. He was furious to know that his elder son was taking his wife to the city with him. Mr. singh never approved of them starting a new life in the citytogether. He went to Sony’s room and got the box which she was packing to the courtyard of the house and scattered all her belongings in the dust. He yelled at Bir saying that, how could he dare to take his wife without his permission, and he would never let that happen. All the family members kept standing in the courtyard and no one spoke up. There a huge silence after he left. There was disappointment in everyone’s face, but no one had ever done anything against Mr. Singh’s wish. 


Looking at this, Soni went to her room crying and this time she was inconsolable. She had gone through all his cruelty all this time, thinking that sooner or later it will end, but this time it didn’t seem like ending ever. Bir with all his dreams shattered, stood at the sight like a stone but still he did not have the courage to speak anything against him. Sony kept on crying in her room and simply had no courage to express herself for she felt or what she wanted. After Mr. Singh left, Bir picked up everything from the floor, stuffed it in the box and brought it to his room. Now all her dreams shattered, Soni even didn’t want to look at that box and she went to the kitchen to make dinnerfor the family. Tears were rolling her cheeks and looking at fire reminded of all her burnt dreams and hopes in life. She went to bed with a very heavy heart and her eyes dozed off owing to the emotional storm she has gone through the day. 


Bir couldn’t sleep and was muddled in his pool of thoughts. His dreams and hope for his beautiful future were ready to leave him. Suddenly, in the middle of the night, he shook Soni up. Startled, she looked at him. He was standing in front of her with the box she packed. Before she could understand anything, he held her hand and signaled her to come along. Quietly they started walking towards the main door of the house. They kept their footsteps cautiously so that no one can get to know what they are upto. As they tried to open the main door, creaking sound of the wooden handle woke the servant of the house, Bhola who was lying on a cot near the door. He was shocked and stood up to see that Bir and Soni are standing in front of him. Both trembled with fear and didn’t know what to do with all the frightening thoughts in their mind. Bhola quietly open the door for them and sneaked them out. It was a dark winter night; chilly winds could make the person freeze and the sound of the wind could make the heart skip a beat. They started walking quickly as if they were running for their life without worrying about the darkness. After going to a  distance, they saw someone following them. Their heart froze. They started walking faster and then, they heard a sound. It was Bhola, who asked Bir to stop. Bhola offered to accompany them to the nearest bus stand.He knew the quickest route to get there. Realizing that Soni was shivering in the cold, Bhola offered his shawl. He waited with them till the dawn, until they got the first bus to the city. While waiting underneath that big peepal tree, everyone was drowned in their thoughts. Bir knew that now; he will have to let go of everything which he is entitled to from his parent’s house. His father will be greatly displeased and it may cost him this relationship, but there was no other way to ensure that his wife is happy and his kids are born at a place where they can get the right education, right upbringing and the right exposure for them to decide what is good for them. Bir knew that now; he will have to work harder and he will have to sacrifice a lot of things to ensure the comfort for his family and his future kids. 


Bhola was thinking about what his master will do once, he comes to know that he has accompanied Bir and Soni to the bus stand and has supported them in leaving the house. He may lose his job, but he more dreadful about the punishment, he may get from this cruel man. But he was happy as he knew, it was right thing to do. 


Soni was thinking about the challenges which they will have to face in future with her husband struggling for a job and the uncertainties in her life. But she knew that now, she has her life back and she can turn it the around the way she wants. 

They were all startled from their thoughts after the Bus arrived. Bhola helped them board it with a smile and his blessing. Bir and Soni not only took a bus that day. They started a new journey in life together, where they decided to ensure that they will give their children the future they deserve and make them capable who will be free to live their life, the way they wanted. After 15 months, Bir and Soni had a beautiful girl. I am the one.


One comment

  1. MOUPARNA DASGUPTA · May 16, 2020

    Nicely described the plight of a helpless educated man who held his breath to take the biggest leap of his life. Though I knew the story, I enjoyed reading it!


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