Happy Women’s Day

Women's Day Collage

Today is “International Women’s Day”. This day has become extremely important for all the brands it seems; my inbox is spammed with promotional messages but is this day a shopping festival for us? No! We shop year around. We don’t need a day for that!

Let’s talk about real people. A teenager has no meaning for this day, a young boy might just call his mother or girlfriend and wish them; that too not from his heart. It might be due to peer pressure of a celebration going on at the work place. A married man will say, in my house, all 365 days are women’s day and trust me, when he says that, he doesn’t mean even a single letter of it. All three of them are of the opinion that why do these women even need a day?? We don’t have “International Men’s Day” while taking that puff of their cigarettes.

I agree! But dear men, it was a day when you were born and that too after a struggle of 9 months and many hours of labour which you gladly celebrate as your Birthday. You can’t even imagine what your mother has been through. That morning sickness, all that household work and managing you and your father (two children) at the same time. She didn’t take a single day leave because she was feeding you (in her maternity leave) and post that she was busy cooking food, cleaning your clothes, making your school bag etc.

Coming to another woman in your life, It was a day when she said “YES” and took the decision to get married to you which you celebrate as your Anniversary. She left her parent’s house, her paradise and came to yours where every day was a struggle. She had to adjust with your family, your weird relatives and your pet dog.  She puts up all that hard work to support you in all conditions and help you grow in your life. And yes, it was a day when she gave birth to your element of life, your child.

It was a day when your sister had to give up higher education because your father could only afford education to one child and you, being a man was his priority. Also, he was investing in making home which will ultimately go to you. And it was a day, when your sister happily got married and she always stands for you in case you her need her support.

It’s not just about a day, it’s about all the pain your mother has taken to bring you in this world, all the sacrifices she has done to give you education and the life you always wanted. It’s about the compromises your wife has done with her life and her career to take care of you, your house and your child. And if you think that you have paid her dues by giving her some expensive gifts, let me tell you something. If I quantify her pains, her efforts to make food for you while she was sick, harsh words when you were upset, giving up her career etc, those gifts might just be a fraction of what she has done for you. As a matter of fact, it’s just minuscule. Admit it!

These women could have been something in the world but they did let the opportunity go; just for “You”. And, still when it comes to introduce them you shy out saying that “Oh, my wife/mother/sister is just a home maker”. In reality, they actually are your HOME maker.

You know why do we have a day?? It’s not for us. We don’t need a day to celebrate ourselves. It’s for you to compliment all the women in your life; who have contributed to make YOU, what you are today. They don’t expect expensive gifts from you, just a word of appreciation will make their eyes fill with happiness. It’s for you to say Thank You for your mother’s efforts and your wife’s commitment and please mean it, when you say it. We women can easily make out when you don’t mean it.

I would like to thank my beautiful mother who gave me this life, my sisters who always make it home whenever my parents need support in my absence. My younger one always tell me, ‘Don’t worry, we will take care. You be focussed on what you want to achieve” She will also read this message to my mother next time she is home. I would like to thank all my friends who love me unconditionally, my colleagues who have always supported me at work, my maids who take care of my house in my absence and to all the women who have inspired me to be “ME”. Wish you all “Happy Women’s Day”. Proud to be a “Woman”