Jai GangaaJal

Jai GangaaJal

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Jai GangaaJal, a crime drama which is the sequel of movie Gangaajal released in 2003. I had a very high expectations with this movie, especially a woman playing a lead character. And, it’s a Prakash Jha Direction.

The film rolls at Bankipur District of Bihar which is highly corrupt and the entire system is on the fingertips of the politicians. With the influence of a politician, joins the first Female SP of the Region Aabha Mathur, played by Priyanka Chopra. Priyanka is simply amazing in this role. She is fit like a man, runs behind a criminal like a man and kicked many asses like a Man!! She is a total kickass! I thoroughly enjoyed her watching her in this role.

PeeCee is truly making waves with the variety of projects she is taking both on national and international level. She will make you fall in love with her character. Her command over language and dialogue deliveries are mind-blowing!!

Next in line is the character of B N Singh, played by Prakash Jha himself. He is a corrupt official who had a change of heart with sudden turn of events. Since, he is not only directed this movie but, also written the story, the screenplay and produced it; he knew how important is this character for the movie. I guess, that’s why he played it himself. He is headstrong, impressive and firm. This is the first time I have seen him acting and he is so impressive that you feel like you talking to someone right in front of you. He is definitely worth a watch! Hats off this guy!

Special mentions to Murli Sharma for playing Munna Mastani. This man is genius. You give him any character and he will put life into it. Rahul Bhat has a small but a significant role. He is done his part well. For the negative character, it goes to Ninad Kamat. He is brilliant. His body language, his dialogues, his entire personality is highly convincing to make you hate him.

As far as the story is concerned, it’s easy to guess the climax but the message comes out very loud and clear. No one should play with our country’s law and order or else the passionate khaki system knows how to deal with it. Once, Khaki gets crazy, no one will be spared! I truly salute to all the guys who maintain law and order in spite of difficult circumstances and high corruption in our country.

Direction is brilliant. The film doesn’t have songs but the director has used some folk songs very strategically and for the sets he has taken care of very minute details as well. He has been able to get the best of the performances from all his actors with some amazing dialogues like “Ilaichi Khayiye, soch me sugandh aayegi” one of the pet dialogues of B N Singh played by Director himself.

There were few disconnects in the movie. The shooting has been done in Bhopal and all the number plates have Madhya Pradesh registration and the district of the plot of the movie was Lakhisarai, a district in Bihar. Overall, it’s a good watch with some very strong performances and a good story line.

I will give this movie a 3.5*/5

I will encourage everyone to take their kids, especially daughters to watch this movie. This movie will inspire them to be courageous and strong to fight against evil. I will quote my favourite dialogue of the movie ” Jab khaki ka rang sahi ho na , toh chahe usse mard pehne ya aurat tum jaise namardon ko chutki mein uski aukaat dikha deti hai”



Bollywood has opened up a new genre of making movies inspired by true incidents by showing the real Hero in a common man.  “Airlft” is one of the phenomenal movies which will make into the favourites of many people. It is the first movie which I watched in theatre in 2016 and it has raised my expectation for upcoming releases this year.


After watching movies like Holiday, Baby, Gabbar is back, Special 26 etc., “Airlift” was the obvious choice in “Movie To Watch” list. All thanks to Akshay kumar who has done a paradigm shift and played lead in all the above movies.


The star for the film “Airlift” is the story. Hats off to the courage of gentlemen who took responsibility of 1,50,000 of their countrymen and brought them back home safely. This is a story of courage, hope, togetherness and a never die spirit. The director Raja Menon, who has also written the script of the movie has done a fantastic job in capturing those moments of fear, uncertainty, anxiety, and hope on 70 mm screen. He has brought the best in all his characters.


Let’s begin with the Lead Ranjeet Katiyal played by Akshay Kumar. He is simply outstanding. He has acted naturally and convincingly. He has played the role of a head strong man who is determined to bring his people home. Ranjeet had chances where he could have left Kuwait and flown with his family but he didn’t. He chose to be with his people. There were times where he got opposition from his wife, but he stood strong and convinced her about this evacuation operation.


Nimrat has played her character well. Few characters worth mentioning are Ibrahim Durrani, played by Purab Kohli. He is extremely convincing and has done his best in bringing out the goodness of Ibrahim in his role. Another character is George Kutty played by Prakash Belawadi. He is one of those irritating guys who don’t have the courage to do anything but keep on complaining on your efforts. Prakash has done this character annoyingly well.


This is a must watch movie for all age-groups. Most of the time, when people are settled abroad, they start thinking that they are the citizens of that country but sometimes reality is very different. Now, youngsters want to leave their country and go abroad for their education and eventually settle down. This involves certain risks as well. They should aware about these risks and then, take their decisions.


This also shows the efforts put in the Indian government and the pilots of Air India who brought 1,50,000 people in 488 flight back home.  And this is the largest evacuation in the History of mankind. Request you to please book your tickets and watch this movie. I am sure you will leave theatre with a proud feeling of being in a beautiful country and a great story for your kids.


Source: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/3/35/Airlift_poster.jpg

How to have a great time with your Husband?

The long weekend has arrived! So, I thought of sharing a small list of activities for all the lovely ladies who want undivided attention from their respective Husbands.

  1. Hide your TV remote. Best would be to throw it out of the window and pretend that you never had it. Anyways, we women are popular for misplacing stuffs in the house. This might give you a chance of having a romantic conversation. Make the most of it! And if he says, how come you forgot where the TV remote is, you have a long list of things which he has forgotten. I am sure, he won’t dare.
  1. Remove all the chairs placed right in front of your TV. This will eliminate the chances of his butt magnets getting attracted to that chair. You can pull him out for a lovely evening walk.
  1. Ask for his credit card and tell him that you want to go shopping. He will offer to accompany you. Grab that opportunity. Though, the entire idea is to save you from impulse buying but still that’s better than watching that South Indian Movie for 1000th time. 
  1. The moment he tells that he is feeling sleepy, start calling up his relatives and pass the phone to him every time you talk to one. He will make sure that he takes you out so that, you don’t call them up. For many of them, you know much more information than he does!
  1. This one is best! Tell him, its bottle gourd (doodhi/Lauki) for dinner. Within few minutes, you might be having a candle light dinner. Make sure you take him to a restaurant which doesn’t have a TV and even if, it has one; make sure he is sitting right opposite to you.

Wish you all a Merry Christmas and lovely weekend with your husbands. Let me know if you want to add to this list. Also, if it worked for you!


Movies are special to me and as a matter of fact, they are special to everyone. For some people, its mirror to the society, some people see themselves as protagonist, for some it’s way of life and for some people it is life. That’s why I never go by any ratings or opinions to watch a movie. I watch it myself and then I get very own version of story.

The day Tamasha released, many people were not so happy about it and yes, they voiced it on social media. We can’t escape that. It does grab our eye balls. Somehow, I was successful in not making an opinion about it. I watched the movie myself and I present to you my review on Tamasha.

The movie started with a story telling on stage, a Tamasha. Then, started series of events where a young boy was fascinated by stories. He goes to a story teller and pays him 5 bucks/hour to listen to a story. Then, he makes his own stories.

Story teller is a key character who has a commendable art of storytelling. He narrates them in a way that a child can understand and paint a picture in his mind. What’s interesting is that he mixes all the stories and gives them a different perspective altogether. And if we trace back in the history, they all are similar. The role has been played by Piyush Mishra and nobody could have done better than him.

I liked the thought where the actor Ved, played by Ranbir Kapoor goes for a vacation just to be himself. A place where no one knows him, no one judges him and no one tells him what to do. He can simply be himself. It’s something everyone can relate to, because we are living lives which is far away from what we want to as we all have to pay our mortgages. In this life, it’s getting difficult to be yourself because we all are living in the pressure of being someone. We all are unique and if we start being someone else, we are losing our uniqueness and that’s what makes us mediocre.

Tara, the lady love played by Deepika is sweet girl who understand things. She is open-minded and courageous to accept her feeling for Ved. She is the one who makes Ved realise where his heart belongs to. What he wants to do. Though, this realisation didn’t go down so well with him. That’s the reality with all of us. We just don’t want to accept who we are. We simply can’t handle rejection while it is important to fail in life. That makes Success a celebration. Tara, let’s Ved be what he wants to and appreciate the way he really is.

Music by A R Rahman has different genres and perfectly played within the story line. Corsica is beautiful. I liked the concepts but for the story, there are many dull moments. I lost interest in few segments which is not expected from an Imtiaz Ali movie. I do have the same observation that gradually I am finding all his movie similar. May be that’s what he wants to convey through story teller that all movies are similar.  The only things which differentiates is the art to storytelling!

Imtiaz Ali has done a great job as a story teller. He has shown the realities of life which we don’t accept but are a victim to it. It’s practical like many people do! He has been able to get the right sentiments delivered by the lead actors. For Music I will rate it 3.5/5, story 4/5 and direction 3/5

The above ratings are on the basis of my thoughts, which might differ from your’ s. For that you have to go and watch it. It’s definitely a lovely watch!

I am my Father’s Dream

Father, the most important person in any girl’s life and so is he to me. My father, the only man in a family of 5 with 3 crazy daughters. He has had a tough time bringing me up. I was born in an orthodox Rajput family where boys were preferred over girls. My father never ever let that stigma get to his daughters. He moved to a city against his father will so that he can give his daughters good education, good life and a good upbringing.

He had a very humble beginning and worked really hard to give a bright future to us. When people were sending their daughters to girls only school, He chose co-ed schools for us to give a different perspective to life. He wanted us to feel equal to the boys. He always says that being a girl doesn’t make you incapable of doing things rather makes you capable of doing things which boys can never do. He would persuade me to stand in the same queue as boys. He wanted me to understand that when you say you are equal, you should act like it and never ask for any privilege for being girls. He encouraged us to help mother in her household like getting groceries, washing utensils etc. at very young age. When I was 10, he would send me to banks to help him in his banking related activities like making deposits, cheque encashment etc. I never resisted because I liked doing new things. That gave me confidence. May be, because of that I love trying new things every day. When I entered teenage, I started having identity of my own. I started doing what I wanted to do. By then, trying new things became bunking school and tuitions, partying from my tuition fees, making new friends etc. which is against his values. He would always want us to focus on study and not have so many friends. He would simply not like my friends coming to my home but I ignored that. I liked all of them and somewhere even they have contributed in making me “ME”. And I remember all the days when I have bunked classes and spent time with my friends as wonderful memories of my life.

I was a rebellious child. I would not listen to him until he justifies with a logic. I would question him whenever he objected me to do anything. I would argue that my point of view was better than his. We started having opinion differences. It started from clothing, consistent on my friends, moved on to my choice of education etc. He wanted me to pursue a line of education where life should be peaceful. I should go to work in the morning and return by late afternoon and take care of my house. Now I understand it was a father’s concern but I never wanted that kind of life. I wanted to do my MBAs and when I expressed that to him. He stood by me. And when he did so, nothing could deter him. All his peer advised him that why are you educating your daughters? Are they ever going to give you back? Build your house. He replied, “If I make a house instead of educating them, it will be just one. But, if I educate them. They will make three other houses”. Now, he has made everything on his own and I am proud to say that my father is a self-made man.

He is the man who motivated me when I took a different route and opted for higher education while other girls were getting married, He sent me out of the home to pursue higher education while many people questioned his decision. He even stood strong when I decide to marry the love of my life when all his family members threatened that they will not attend the wedding ceremony. He said, it’s about my daughter’s life and she will decide for herself not You”.

Now when I look back, I see that all my life I have done right opposite to whatever he suggested me. I never listened to him and yes, have hurt him many times. All this while, I thought I am being myself. I am doing what I always wanted to do. I am achieving my dreams. I am living an independent life. But, then I was struck by a very pleasant thought. My father always wanted his daughters to be independent, contributing equally to their house, live their life on their own terms and realize all their dreams. Now, I realize whatever I am today, it’s not me! It’s my father’s dream. I am my father’s dream. For me, I am yet to be!!

What is the Opportunity Cost of Not Having a Strong Online Presence?

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By Michael Dunham

Oftentimes, as a business owner or marketing manager, you will look at various marketing ventures with the objective of figuring out what strategies to implore that will get you maximum results for a certain price.  We think about how much business we can generate, or need to generate, if we invest x dollars in a marketing strategy.

What many marketers do not look at is the opportunity cost of not investing in a certain strategy or putting off that strategy until “business picks up.”  Anyone who runs a business has probably caught themselves saying they would invest when they got more business, not thinking about the redundancy in the statement.  By delaying a profitable marketing venture now for other strategies or because you don’t want to be too invested in marketing, you are actually costing your business more money than you are saving.

As the great Henry Ford once said, “A…

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The Hundred-Foot Journey

I will begin this with an earnest confession! My Husband watched this movie during one of his flights to Delhi and since, then he has been all praises about the movie “The Hundred-foot journey”. And, then came the premier announcement of the movie on Star Movies Select HD on 26th Sept at 9:00 p.m.

He set a reminder on the digital TV and made sure I was not busy doing anything. And, the movie starts with the story of a family moving to Europe due to political unrest in India. Initially they moved to UK but when things didn’t work out, they decided to go to France to give shapes to their dream.  Om Puri, who is Papa to the family, decides to open up an Indian restaurant in a French village. The family opposed at first; the location being right opposite to Le Saule Pleureuer, the Michelin starrer restaurant run by Madame Mallory. But he sticks to his decision and makes it possible by opening Maison Mumbai. He proves that if you are truly passionate about something, you should do it, no matter what. Om Puri is cute, funny and warm. Simply loved him!! Some people just get better with age and I guess he is one of them.

Though this triggers a war between both the owners and they try to stop each other from functioning in different ways until one day, someone tries to set Maison Mumbai on fire and writes “France for French” on its wall.  Madame Mallory cleans it up and Hassan, the second son of the family who is the cook offers to make an omelette for Madame Mallory. She loved it and makes him an offer to join her restaurant and learn French cuisine. This was the hundred foot journey from Maison Mumbai to Le Saule Pleureuer. He does a great job and that makes Madame earn her second Michelin star for which she has been waiting for 30 years.

Manish Dayal, has played Hassan honestly with all his heart. I was surprised by the simplicity and the dignity with which he has played his character in this film. Hassan is supported by Marguerite, played by Charlotte le Bon who has helped him in understanding French cuisine by gifting him books and giving him the cue to please Madame Mallory. She is beautiful and flawless in her character.

But, the lady who has led the story is Madame Mallory, played by Helen Mirren. She is the “stubborn like an OX” yet has that capacity to identify the right chef, the one with the real gift. Though, a rival she has nice and supportive to Kadam family. Somewhere down my heart, I completely agree with the message of the movie. Wherever you go, whatever you do; you simply can’t forget where you come from. The real achievements are those, which can celebrated with family and may be that was the reason Hassan returned to this little village even after getting critical acclaim in Paris.

The reason my husband wanted me to watch this movie is that, he wanted to tell me importance of having a good food which according to him is not provided by my cooks. He wants me to cook more often:). During this entire movie, he didn’t let me move. He did the salads and served the food on table; which he does occasionally (This is extremely rare occasion, trust me). This shows that, the way to Man’s heart goes through his belly!!
The Director, Lasse Hallström has done an outstanding job. I felt as if the movie is an event happening right in front of my eyes. It was so real and there are bits of Hindi, as well. Thank you, Richard Morais for this lovely story. Special Mention to the soulful music, composed by our very own A. R. Rahman. It’s very well thought with right amount of sauces and spices to make it a perfect Dish! If you haven’t watched it yet, please do. And yes, please watch it with your family. You will have a great time.

Baahubali, the Beginning

I know I am late for this one, but I could not stop myself from writing about it. For a movie buff like me, we don’t require a reason to watch a movie. But, #Baahubali had not one but many; The most expensive film, the Highest grossing Indian Film, The first South Indian film to join the 300-crore club. First week, we could not get the tickets. So, we pre-booked for the next weekend. When we entered the theater, it was HOUSE FULL even for the second week.

For this movie, I will first begin with V Srinivas Mohan, the Visual effects Supervisor and Sabu Cyril for his art direction. You will be blown by the huge sets, backgrounds, landscapes which has been drawn in the movie give it an authentic historic feel. The entire team has put a lot of thought into the set designing. You can’t make out that it’s imposed in the film and not a part of real set. Few sets worth mentioning are The Waterfall, The Fort of “Mahismati”, and the kingdom.

Coming to the lead character of the film, Prabhas; this is the first time I have watched him. He is convincingly Shiva the mighty, tall and apt for the character #Baahubali. He has perfectly played both the aspects of being the romantic heartthrob and the fighter. Avantika, the Lady love of Baahubali played by Tamannah is a strong character. It’s about a woman who has sacrificed her entire life for the queen and the kingdom. She has taken the cues of a fighter woman very well; especially the walk and the body language. She has shown some real good action in the film. Special mention to Anushka Shetty, who has played the role of “Devasena”, the queen who has been captive for 25 years by Bhallaldev for not choosing him to be her groom.

But, the lady who has taken my heart is Ramya Krishnan; playing Sivagami, the lady who is protecting the kingdom “Mahismati”. She is a strong woman who has taken up this cause to protect and nurture her kingdom against all odds. She is a visionary, who decides the fate of the throne by the capability of the person irrespective of the fact that the person is her son or not. She portrays a woman who has got fire in her eyes and won’t let anyone ruin her kingdom. Special mention to the scene where she protects Shiva from her own soldiers and dies in the river but held the child in a way so that he survives. Hats off for her strong performance. Another performance worth mentioning is Kattapa, who is an ally to the queen Sivagami; played by Sathyaraj. He is the warrior, who is loyal to the kingdom and the throne and is ready to kill anyone who is not the true heir and eyes it.

The negative character in the movie Bhallala Deva, played by Rana Daggubati is outstanding. He had played the strong, the crooked and the cruel king who doesn’t care about the kingdom. His physique, get up, clothing is extremely convincing and reminds me of Ravana from Ramayan. All the characters in the film are sketched very thoughtfully and the designers had done a brilliant job with their looks, make up and costumes to bring life into the characters.

Moving to off-screen stars, the writer V Vijendra Prasad has written the story as if he personally knows the characters. It seems like a historic event which has happened in the past. He has conceived every aspect of the movie beginning from the plot, the characters, the story line etc. so well and brilliantly directed by S. S. Rajamouli.

Thing which I liked in the movie is, the attention to details given to every scene in the film. There is a scene where Shiva takes the Shivling to the waterfall. There he crosses a pothole, which reflects the mirror image of Shiva holding the Shivling. There is a song sequence where Shiva transforms Avantika from a warrior to a beautiful girl. This song has been amazingly thought, directed and shot. Especially when he puts Kajal in her eyes and paints her lips.

Things which I disliked are the songs, as they are dubbed and could not please me. When the songs were playing, I actually thought of a fast forward button. Another thing is the ACTION. It’s good but sometimes it feels unnatural and overboard. But, given the fact that it’s a South Indian film, this can be expected. Had the action be more real, the movie would have been a class apart experience for me.
I would like to give it a 4*/5. This movie is a must watch especially for the concept, the visual effects, the characters and the story. #Baahubali, the Beginning is a beginning of great ideas and effects from India which have got a global appeal. It’s a beginning to show that if a movie is great, it can cross continents and make its mark. This movie will definitely give you a great watch and a curiosity for #Baahubali, the conclusion which is set to release in 2016.

Bajrangi Bhaijaan

I am huge SALMAN Fan and Bajrani Bhaijaan has been into my MUST WATCH list from the time the promotions started on Social Media. But, getting the ticket was a real fight. House Full on Book my Show for the Eid weekend. All the tickets were booked in advance. So, I had to take the trouble of going to one of my nearest theaters to get the tickets. This reminded me of those old times when you had to stand in a queue to get the tickets for a Super hit movie. But, this movie is a Hit from the first day first show!

#BajraniBhaijaan what a concept!! The movie is about a beautiful relationship which knows no border. A girl who can’t speak is lost in India and by god’s grace she meets Bajrangi, our Salman Khan who pledges to take her back to her family in Pakistan. In this world where people are just killing people, coming out with this concept was extremely thoughtful of the team. It’s a moment of pride for me, that Indian Cinema is coming out with brilliant concepts which has made the people think. Cinema is a mirror to the society and it has the power to change the thought process. This is one of those movies. Kudos to the entire team.

Talking about characters, let me begin with Bhaijaan, Salman Khan. He has played Pawan kumar Chaturvedi, who is disciple of Lord Hanuman and doesn’t lie. You will love him for his simplicity and honesty in his character. At the same time, he has been extremely passionate about helping the little girl and taking her back to her family in Pakistan come what may. He has been emotional like a child and tough like a tiger. This is one of his outstanding performances. Next, I will talk about the little girl Harshali Malhotra. She is the real star of the film. She has acted so well as speech impaired girl that you can’t believe her age. Her expressions, emotions and beauty are simply adorable. She looks like a doll and any one will fall in love with her.

Kareena Kapoor, (Rasika) the leading lady who has played the lady love is beautiful as ever like the name of her character. She has acted naturally and done great for the part given to her. She has looked great with ethnic wear and lovely jewelry. Nawazuddin Siddiqui, who has played Chand Nawaz, a Pakistani reporter is marvelous. His passionate efforts to help Bajrangi in finding the little girl’s parent are remarkable. He has added humor to his character which has left a mark on my mind. Special Mention to Om Puri and Sharat Saxena for their performances.

The best part of the film is the story, which is written by V Vijendra Prasad who is known to have given many blockbusters one of which is Bahubali. The dialogues are superb, songs are peppy. Everyone around is humming #Selfielelere. The film has been shot at beautiful locations like Rajasthan, New Delhi and Kashmir adding beauty to the story. The film has been conceived, thought, and directed extremely well by Kabir Khan, who has put all his heart to the movie. We, viewers have laughed, cried, prayed and fallen in love with the movie. High on emotion, brilliant on passion and Great in Action. A MUST WATCH movie and trust me, you will leave the theatre with pride, happiness and smile on your face.

Motherhood- Does it epitomize a woman?

Sunita, was a beautiful and lovely girl. She was full of life, serene like morning breeze, and painted everyone’s life with her creativity and love. A very caring daughter, a loving sister, a great friend and a very good student. While I was ambitious with my goals, she was very simple and wanted to be a teacher to enlighten people’s life with the gift of education. She started growing with her dream taking small steps towards it.

While she was excited about exploring the world and bringing about a change, her parents were disturbed. The reason was that, she was not getting her menstrual cycles. But, the concern grew deeper when her sister, who was 3 years younger to her starting getting them. Parents consulted a gynecologist to address the issue. After check-ups the doctor said, she is absolutely fine but she can never give birth to a child. The parents were shattered as if it was the end of their daughters’ world. This news disturbed Sunita as well but, she said “what if I can’t give birth, I can still be a mother” This is not the end of my world.
After graduation I took a short vacation and on return, I went to see her. I was shocked to know that she got married. I was startled that we were even not informed of this. I felt very bad but, then her younger sister came up with Sunita’s wedding album. I saw her pictures, all I could see was a girl who was innocent and pure. The beauty of her heart was reflected through her eyes in every single picture.
After a year, Sunita came to meet me at home. I was extremely delighted to see her. She was as lively and fun loving as she was in her teens. She was taking care of the house and also pursing her education. She got her two kids along. She was happy to have them in life and the kids made her complete now. I was happy to know that she was happy with her family.

Three years later, it was a winter morning and I was just about to step out for my college.
Phone rang and it was my sister on the other side. The news she gave me was the worst of my life and beyond my imagination. Sunita was no more, she committed suicide. I was heartbroken!! A girl who had beautiful dreams and was full of love in life, a girl who could have been much more to the world was no more.
This news disturbed me and I wanted to inquire what went wrong with her?? After returning home, I asked my mother about this incident. She said that because she could not conceive, the parents decided to get her married to someone who was already married and had kids. Nobody will marry her if they get to know that she can’t give birth to a baby; a stupid justification was given to my mother by her parents.
The man she was married to, was her relative and he lost his first wife to a heart attack. He had two small kids and he wanted someone to take care of them. Sunita’s parents got to know about him and they took it as an opportunity to get her married. She must have agreed to this decision to keep her parents happy and save them from the allegations of the so called society.

Further, I got to know that the boy accepted her as his mother but the girl was young enough to understand that Sunita was her step mother and she had lost her mother. She was not happy with this decision and misbehaved with her frequently. At first, Sunita ignored it thinking that she was a child but gradually the matter grew serious. When Sunita tried to explain it to her husband, he accused her by saying that since, she can’t be a mother she is not able to take proper care of his children. The words started hitting her mind, her soul, her self-confidence to an extent that she finished herself. A beautiful heart went to ashes!!
I want to know who her real culprit is. Her parents who forced her into this marriage because she could not give birth to someone? The so called society who will call her sterile her entire life?? The husband who could not understand his child or the child who could not accept her as a mother??

Is a woman only about motherhood?? Can she only survive in this society if she can give birth to someone?? Can she only be respected and loved by her own kids?? What about Mother Teresa who transformed life of many people and the world calls her “Mother” What about Sushmita Sen who has given a wonderful life and a great upbringing to two beautiful girls. What about those thousand women who have adopted children and brought about a change in this world. To be a mother, you don’t have to give birth to someone. A mother is all about love, care and sacrifices and none of this is biological.