Shehnaz, My first Parsi Affair!!

It was my first day at TATA Motors. Devika, my colleague and the only female member in my team was given the responsibility to introduce me to everyone in the department. And that’s how I met Shehnaz Mistry, the first Parsi of my life. When I looked at her, she was completely different from others. A woman white as snow, curly hair, spectacled eyes, smile larger than life and absolutely comfortable in her skin.

Our friendship grew on tea/coffee breaks where I use to have my green tea while she use to have a cup of hot water. She has got nothing to do with things which are healthy. They simply do not exist in her menu. She is a foodie and can talk to you about food for hours and that too non-stop. Now, you know from where the extra pounds on my face are coming from. When I started knowing her better, I simply fell in love with her. She lost her parents at very young age but has managed to fight against all odds and has done very well in her life. Circumstances have never let her lose her charm in any possible way. She is a great wife, a great sister and a great mother and a sweetheart friend. She has made sure that all the true values of life are properly induced in her daughter.

For the last three and half years, the amount of food I have shared with her, I doubt I have even done it with my sisters. She has made special dishes for me and bringing it on my preferred days. (There are particular days when I don’t eat non-veg). She knows what I like and what I don’t. She has slipped all the things which I don’t like into her plate and never made me realize that. She has understood my mind before I say anything to her. She has never returned without a gift for me from wherever she goes for her vacation. She can listen to me the entire day without judging me and with immense patience. There have been times, when she has spoken for me and stood very strong with her words by my side. We have opened our hearts to each other.

She is a great motivation and a great support of my life in many ways. She is my soul sister and has given a beautiful meaning to this relationship. Her unconditional love and support has made my relation with my sisters very strong.

Now, she is taking a shift in the role and moving to a different location. It is difficult to believe that there would be no one saying “Chal” when I call 210. It is difficult to believe that there would be no one getting special parsi food for me. There will be no one kissing and hugging me after every success at work and return from a trip. But, I am happy for her and I know, there will be a new extension in my life connecting to Shehnaz mistry and I have a home at Parel where I can go any time of the day and there will be opens arms to welcome me. I wish her luck and Loads of love to her!!

I hate her she is too much of a feminist! Hate me i am a feminist too!!


“Recognition is not what I want,Respect and Equality is what I deserve,neither am i a secondary character nor a complication to kill off I am a Hero!”

Guys,If you find it offesive you are just an another guy,if not respect to u!

8th march,Women’s day,my company was celebrating women’s day,all ladies dressed up in pink tp celebrate womanhood,shared some speeches about how the head count of females in our organisation has botched up and that’s it.Really women Is that All?Govt says so prudly women empowerment,women are rising,female foeticide has reduced,Well,Good news for government Bad news for me!!

I say why to let her live because anyways she is going to compromise all her life sacrifice in every sphere and live with the fear of being raped anytime all her life,its better to be killed than to be insulted in one or other way all our life.Lets’s take a dig…

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Dum Laga ke Haisha

This weekend I had no plans to watch a movie as the promos for Dum Laga ke Haisha didn’t seem so promising to me. But, the pouring compliments on Social Media changed my mind and trust me, the movie is worth it!

For this movie, I will first begin with the plot. It’s a very well written and directed by Sharat Katariya. He has taken care of every single element of the film beautifully. He has chosen apt characters, perfect locations and nuances of the language spoken in that part of the country. The choice of words chosen for dialogues bring this story to reality and everyone can relate to it. He has done his work brilliantly; keeping it really simple and that’s what makes the movie a great watch. They are many simple yet extraordinary scenes such as war of songs between the two lead characters.

Moving on to Characters, Prem Tiwari played by Ayushmann Khurrana is great. It seemed that the character was only written for him. He has played the perfect dork who wants to do things but doesn’t dare. This movie is a turnaround film for him. Sandhya, played by Bhumi Pednekar is a strong, convincing and humorous performance in every possible way. Girl, what a performance for a first film. You are simply awesome. Other characters in this movie such as Sanjay Mishra, Seema pahwa have done their part extremely well to make it a complete package.

A special mention to the stylist who has designed the costumes and given the right get up to all the characters. He has made sure that all the accessories give the character a perfect look like sports shoes with blazers and those pyjamas to mention a few elements.

A sweet surprise in the film was legendary singer Kumar Sanu. Heard him after a long time and his voice is still mesmerizing. The songs are sweet. Sunder Susheel has got regional flavor while Moh Moh ke Dhaage is a melodious one.

The best thing about the film is that it seemed as if it was happening right in front of our eyes not on 70 mm screen. Dum laga ke Haisha is another gem coming from Yash Raj Films. The legacy continues and they know the nerve of Indian viewers. A simply story which gives you message by making you laugh. 4*/5. A highly recommended watch and please go with the love of your life! You are going to have a great time.

Mothers are Gift from God!

I was a little girl. My father had a school where he would educate the underprivileged kids, who could not afford to go to expensive schools. But, that was not enough to run a family. So, he used to take private tuitions and go to people’s house to teach their children. We use to stay in a small house and could only afford the basic amenities in life.
My father use to go for his tuition on a cycle and I would request him to take me for a ride like every other child. To make me happy, he would sometimes take me to the houses where he was teaching on weekends. Almost every Sunday, he would take me to Chaube Uncle’s house. His daughter Priyanka was little elder to me. She use to play with loads of toys like cars, dolls, puzzles and sometimes, she would share with me on her mother’s request. I loved playing with them. I would eagerly wait for Sundays to play with those toys as I never had one.
One evening, I was watching TV at my neighbor’s house and my mother called for me. She washed my face, brushed my hair and told me let’s go to Chaube Uncle’s house. I told her but it’s not Sunday. She replied today is his daughter’s birthday and they have invited us. I was very happy. We reached their house. It was beautifully decorated with lots of balloons and colored papers. There were many kids around who were dressed very well. All of them were wearing birthday caps. There were many toys kept on a table for everyone to play with grabbed my attention but I was too shy to pick them up without anyone’s permission.
Then, Mrs. Chaube announced for cake cutting. Priyanka, the birthday girl was dressed like an angel. She looked very pretty. When she entered the room, it seemed that suddenly there was a bright light all over. She had worn lovely accessories, shoes and a crown. Then, Chaube uncle came with a very big cake. It had flowers, toys, chocolates all over it. The cake looked delicious. All the kids started gathering towards the cake. My mother tried to push me as well I was pushed back. So, I stood behind holding my mother’s hand, the safest place in the world. Priyanka blew the candle, and everybody started singing the birthday song. People around started wishing her.
My mother too insisted that I should go and wish the birthday girl. I was already not happy with the kids pushing me back from the cake-cutting but somehow I took my little tiny steps toward her. But, she completely ignored me in front of her well-dressed friends. I felt hurt and tears started rolling out of my eyes. I remember I was wearing a pink frock which my mother stitched for me. She embroidered little blue flowers all over it. But, it was simple and not that flashy and expensive as other kids. She was the same girl I use to play with but today she pretended as if she didn’t know me.
My mother could understand what was going on in my heart. She lifted me in her arms and I dig my face into her shoulders and started crying. She gave the gift to her mother, grabbed me tightly and left immediately from that place. On the way, I remember her sobbing and telling me “Darling, you are my little princess and you will forever be for my entire life” She was hurt more than me. Today, years later she is still the same and fights for her three princesses for their good. She has always supported us to achieve our dreams and has made us what we are today. It’s true that God can’t be everywhere with us and that’s why he has sent “Mothers” for us.

Badlapur, What a FILM!!

The name reads Badlapur, don’t miss the beginning. It’s just not the beginning but till the end, you simply can’t get out of your chair. The story keeps you glued.

I wanted to watch the movie from the day it started rolling promotions on Television; especially to watch Varun Dhawan diversifying himself into a new dimension of Acting. Varun has taken a huge leap from his last movie and must say, his acting skills have grown exponentially. He has played Raghu, a sweet boy who matures into a dark man due to the circumstances so convincingly. I especially admire him playing the older Raghu. His transition from the youth to the revengeful is seamless and mind blowing. Hats off to his performance. He has raised the bar with his performance in this movie.

But, the Man who deserves a standing ovation for this film is Nawazuddin Siddiqui. He has played a dark character being a perfect fool. He has added humorous element to the movie. This guy does his homework thoroughly. His acting, comes to him effortlessly. This character is going to be a milestone in his career for sure. Take a bow MAN!!

Coming to the female protagonists, Huma Qureshi has looked beautiful and extremely comfortable in her skin. This girl is amazing. She does things as if they come naturally to her. Other ladies Divya, Yami and Radhika are commendable. They have played a small but strong roles which has given the story a different direction.
The story line is very simple with well-defined characters. Director has done a brilliant job with the script. Songs are sweet but Jee Karda is my personal favorite due to Varun’s Dance. 4*/5. A movie highly recommended!! Please get your tickets booked to watch a great movie.

Blues of a Quaint lady

The year was 2006 and I and my friends decided to celebrate Christmas at Kolkata. We all were students and hence, no money to put up in a hotel. So, we all hooked ourselves to our relatives for a place to stay. I could somehow find myself a distant friend and reached with my baggage. Though, it was not a great welcome but it didn’t matter as far as I was getting a place to stay for free!
Vacations are always best planned if you don’t have so much to spend. So, we all made our itinerary for every day so that we don’t waste time and decided on a common place to meet. It was the first day and the meeting place was Kalighat. Though we are not so religious but the entire gang was starting a new phase in life and taking rounds of GD and PIs after our management entrance exams and hence, they wanted to take the blessing of Maa kali.
I reached early because of staying in the vicinity of the place but none of my friends were there. Reaching on time would always be for an interview. I started rallying across the street putting my earphones on to pass on the time as waiting is the most irritating activity and a complete waste of time. Suddenly, I saw a lady who was fair and beautiful standing in the sun. Her curly hair was flowing in the air like a soft breeze and drops of sweat were all over her face. But, that looked like as she has come out of a shower. She had draped a sparkling blue sari and done loads of make-up; still it made her look very graceful. She was beautiful enough to grab everyone’s attention on the street. I saw her stopping every passerby but no body responded to her. I did not concentrate much as it was none of my business and dig myself into my earphones that were playing my favorite songs. After sometime again my eyes rolled over to check if she was there. To my surprise, she was still there and doing the same thing. I got annoyed by the thought that a woman is asking for help or maybe she asking for some address she is looking for and nobody is willing to help her. That was strange. So, finally I decided to help her myself.
I walked towards her and asked if she wanted any help. She replied hesitatingly in Bangla” Tumi aidegi theke chole jao” which means you go away from here. I got annoyed. I was trying to help her and she was throwing her tantrums. Then I asked her what was wrong with her. I was just trying to help her. Understanding the rage in my voice, she told you don’t know anything and I should leave. Then, one of my friends called for me. I saw him coming and he pulled me away to another corner. I got furious and asked him the reason to do so. Then he outrageously asked me why was I talking to her? I said what was wrong in talking to a woman. To which he replied “there’s nothing wrong unless she is a prostitute”
I was taken aback for a moment though it was not the first time I have ever spoken to one. I remember my days when I was a child and they were called for the weddings in my village to perform and entertain people. They were called “Bai ji” and for me they were merely dancers until I grew big enough to understand the other meaning of entertainment in people’s life.
But, after knowing this I truly wanted to help her. I went up to her and asked how much did she need? It was a difficult day for her as she was unable to find a customer for herself. Disheartened by her condition and the scorching heat she replied Rs. 50. I asked her if that was enough for her to lead her life. She said that it was enough for her lead a day. More than herself, she was bothered about her baby who had to be fed. With that money, she could buy milk and enough food for herself to feed the baby. She said every day was a new day for her; some days are good and some are bad but she gets people who help her somehow. By that time, my entire gang was there. They heard us and moved by her zeal to fight the situation and live her life. We all took out Rs. 50 and gave it to her. Agreed, we did not have so much but we had as much to help her; even if it was for a day. I was there to see a form of woman, a Goddess while I met another form and this experience has made me respect every form of a woman in my life.


The most talked film of the season, Shamitabh Featuring Mr. Amitabh Bhachchan, Dhanush and Akshara Hasan released this week. The film opened with the famous dialogue of Mr. Bachchan from film Deewar “Tum log mujhe dhund rahe ho aur main tumhara yahan intezar kar raha hoon”. What an opening!! It raises the expectation of the viewer.
Let’s begin with the most important aspect of movie making, the story of the movie. It about a little boy Danish, who is crazy about films and wants to become a hero. He is extremely good with his emotions but unfortunately, he is unable to speak. He finds his voice in Amitabh Sinha (played by Mr. Amitabh Bachchan) and the duo works together as a team to make it big in the industry till their egos tear them apart. The story is inspiring but somehow does not seem to be practical. There are several ups and downs in the movies. First half is emotional with loads of drama but the graph takes a deep dive in the second half. The flow doesn’t seems to be in sync. It seems that there are many episodes going on in the movie, which makes it pretty confusing as a viewer.
Coming to Individual performance, Sr Bachchan is brilliant and he delivers his part extremely well. He is getting better with every performance like an old wine. He has looked very convincing for his character. Dhanush, with his humble looks has performed flawlessly. It must have been very difficult to play Mr. Bachchan’s body. He has done it extremely well. Akshara Hasan who has played an Assistant Director is beautiful and stylish. It doesn’t look like it’s her first film. She has managed to pull up with both Dhanush and Mr. Bachchan in all the scenes.
This movie is an amalgamation of brilliant ideas. Since, R balki the director of the film is an ad guru and has used many of the marketing concepts. One of them is Piddly. The song is sung in the voice of Mr. Amitabh Bachchan on a toilet seat and it is shot with various versions of toilet seats. That’s a funny interpretation. The movie has captured perfect branding for many brands like Lifebuoy, Filmfare, Knorr Soups, Hindware, Lakme to name a few.
Another great idea they have used is both of them have either narrated or enacted their life incidents like Amitabh says that his voice has been rejected by TV and even by All India Radio. How could he be voice to anyone? Danish has played a Bus conductor before being an actor, an incident inspired by his father in law, Rajnikant. There are many such elements in the movie to watch for.
I would give it a 2*/5 on entertainment quotient, 4*/5 on performances which makes it an overall rating of 3*/5. A movie for Classes not Masses!


Hawaizaada, one of the releases this week featuring Ayushman Khurana, Mithoon Charkavarti and Pallavi Sharda in the leading role is a tribute to one of the unsung heroes of India Shivkar Bapuji Talpade who built first unmanned plane. The film is directed by Vibhu Puri.

The movie begins with projecting Shivi, the lead character who speaks his mind and is a free bird from his mind. He is considered a highly inefficient guy and his ideas are not well appreciated in his school, family and neighborhood. Then, accidently he meets Sitara, a dancer who becomes his love interest. Discovering this, he is thrown out of the house by his father. Then, the next hour is all about his love story. This part is extremely confusing and fails to grab attention of the viewers.

Then Shivi meets Shashtri ji enacted by Mithoon chakravarti and the story taken an upturn in the second half. This part shows the struggle they have put in to develop the idea going against the British rule and become the first to fly in the world. They faced many challenges in doing so and one of them being financial constraints. They manage to get support from a local king. But, soon when the king denies for further support, Shivi gets support from his old friends who are inspired by him. The idea of being the first in the world does spark a feeling of patriotism and pride for the country. He could challenge the idea that Indians can’t make anything before British.

After lot of challenges, he could actually fly a plane but the British government hid it because they never wanted to spark a revolution against them.

Coming to the characters, the choice could have been better for someone who could speak genuine Marathi as Shivi. Ayushman fails to be in the shoes of a Marathi and could not get away with is north Indian accent. Pallavi Sharad did not seem to be the right choice. Someone more graceful could have been better. Star of the movie is Mithoon Chakravarti. He has played his part extremely well. Sometimes it is amazing to see the variety or roles he has done and all of them so very well.

The concept of the movie is nice. Better screenplay and direction would have made this movie much better. Somehow, the core message gets lost in midst of the love story between the two leads. Except for Daak Ticket and Dil-e-nadaan, other songs are not that interesting. You can only enjoy the movie if, you have patience to sail through the first half. It scores low on the entertainment quotient. I would give it 2.5*/5. Watch at your own risk.

Dolly Ki Doli

I watched many movies this long weekend and Dolly ki Doli is one of them. The movie begins with Rajkumar Rao aka Sonu Sherawat proposing Sonam Kapoor aka Dolly to be his bride. And then, it is almost in every scene of the movie where dolly is getting married. Rajkumar Rao has played a Sugarcane farmer from Haryana and has picked up amazing Haryanvi accent. He has lived his character very well and his average looks has worked for him. Next I will pick Sonam Kapoor. She is emerging as an actor with every movie but still there is a lot of scope for improvement especially in terms of dialogue delivery. She has looked pretty which she always does flawlessly. Then we have Pulkit Samrat playing the Cop. His entire persona is inspired by Salman Khan’s look in Dabang. On the top of that, the name too is Robin Singh (Salman referred himself as Rohinhood Pandey in Dabang).

Varun Sharma who plays Manjot, one of the grooms tries to be humorous and fails miserably. He need to do a lot of variations, before he becomes stereo typed. Archana Puran Singh, who has played Manjot’s mother is a humorous package in the film. She has played a true Punjabi mother with all her traits and not to forget that now we know what to do with the gifts we get at the wedding. Pass it on to the next wedding you are going in town.

Coming to the story, you already must have guessed looking at the promos. You do not need to watch the film. The movie is all about Dolly marrying different men and running away taking all the valuables they have at home, the first night. She does it with the help of her small team who play different roles in her different marriages. They do it in a very organized way where they find the prospective groom. Do a lot of research and then approach him and close the deal; in this case the wedlock. I fail to understand that in this age of technology was it that easy to do? Another thing, when we come to the climax it gets flattened.  She gets married to the Pulkit Samrat, the cop who closes the file and burns the records. But, again she moves on looking for a new groom with her team which now has become her hobby. It could have had a practical ending but it’s a movie and anything is possible.

The pace of the movie is fine. The songs are ok. The film doesn’t hold the audience for a longer duration. It even scores low on the entertainment quotient. Please reconsider your decision before watching this movie. I would give it a 2* out of 5. I have given one extra * for Rajkumar Rao’s performance.

Baby, the film!

If you plan to watch Baby the film, then GO and please do not consider the name. It has just been mentioned twice, once at the beginning and once at the climax. Except for that, this baby is going to be extremely hit!! I will first begin with the plot which is pretty simple. Not too many characters to create confusion. The direction is crisp with the perfect pace. It’s a story of the quest of our officers to fight for the country irrespective of deadly conditions. They choose death over betrayal to the motherland. Hats off to the concept which is a truth and has been reflected in this movie brilliantly!!

Coming on to the characters of the movie, I will first begin with Danny Denzongpa. He introduces the concept “baby” and commands a very strong performance. His character has been instrumental in driving all the secret operations taking authorities into confidence. Then comes the HERO Akshay Kumar, who has played his part of a tough, hard to break officer flawlessly. He has maintained his emotion less face throughout the movie only to add on to his character. Next is Rana Duggubati, referred as HULK in the movie may be because of huge body. A short but remarkable well-built performance to say. And not to forget Shukla ji, our very own Anupam Kher. No words to express his comic timings while delivering a serious scene. He does it all effortlessly. But the cherry on the cake is Tapsee Punnu. She is looking pretty and kicks some really good ass. All the bad boys too have performed very well. The star of the movie is the speed of the execution of operations. If our government adopts that, it will be highly commendable. The movie has been shot at good locations like Istanbul, Kathmandu, Delhi and Mumbai of course. The spirit and the performances are the star you would be getting in this movie. Highly recommended!!