Badlapur, What a FILM!!

The name reads Badlapur, don’t miss the beginning. It’s just not the beginning but till the end, you simply can’t get out of your chair. The story keeps you glued.

I wanted to watch the movie from the day it started rolling promotions on Television; especially to watch Varun Dhawan diversifying himself into a new dimension of Acting. Varun has taken a huge leap from his last movie and must say, his acting skills have grown exponentially. He has played Raghu, a sweet boy who matures into a dark man due to the circumstances so convincingly. I especially admire him playing the older Raghu. His transition from the youth to the revengeful is seamless and mind blowing. Hats off to his performance. He has raised the bar with his performance in this movie.

But, the Man who deserves a standing ovation for this film is Nawazuddin Siddiqui. He has played a dark character being a perfect fool. He has added humorous element to the movie. This guy does his homework thoroughly. His acting, comes to him effortlessly. This character is going to be a milestone in his career for sure. Take a bow MAN!!

Coming to the female protagonists, Huma Qureshi has looked beautiful and extremely comfortable in her skin. This girl is amazing. She does things as if they come naturally to her. Other ladies Divya, Yami and Radhika are commendable. They have played a small but strong roles which has given the story a different direction.
The story line is very simple with well-defined characters. Director has done a brilliant job with the script. Songs are sweet but Jee Karda is my personal favorite due to Varun’s Dance. 4*/5. A movie highly recommended!! Please get your tickets booked to watch a great movie.