Maa ke pet se marghat tak hai
Teri kahani pag pag pyaare
Dangal dangal, dangal dangal !!

These words by Amitabh Bhattacharya from the movie Dangal, tell the exact reality of our lives. Dangal, one of most awaited movies of the year has arrived and what a film it is! Dangal is a father’s quest to give his daughters a great future. It is a fight with one’s own self to stretch their limit and achieve what no one has achieved. It is a Dangal with the society, the people who have always considered girls inferior than boys and defined rules for girls to live their lives.

But, when a girl breaks the stereotype, challenges the norms of this society and achieves what she wants to, there is always a man behind her and that’s her father. The father who had to listen to all those people who said your daughters should not, she must not, and she cannot and still stood by her to support her. Hats off to Mahavir Singh Phogat who took the courage of going against all odds and train his daughters to make them world class champions.

A brilliant job done by Aamir khan and the entire team of Dangal. The story has been kept simple and yet strong. The director has highlighted important events which has happened in the journey from a small village of Balali to the Gold medal of common wealth games such as the girls wearing T-shirts and Half pants for the first time while they were training, their hair cut short even when they protested against it, the father throwing them in the river asking them to rescue themselves. These events highlight that the father wanted the girls to be stronger, disciplined and self-dependent.

One moment where the father presses his daughter’s legs because they are tired of the training and confesses that he can either be a father or a coach and when he is a coach, father will have to take a back seat. Must Say, Mahavir Singh Phogat is a passionate man. There is a time, where he comes and stays at patiala to train his daughters, six months before the common wealth games.

These moments have been captured very beautifully in the film by the director Nitesh Tiwari. Kudos to him for not making them too dramatic and yet delivering the right message.

Aamir khan has done justice to his character. He has picked up the right dialect, the clothing, his physique everything builds it up to the character extremely well. All the girls Zaira (Young Geeta), Fatima, Sanya and Suhani (Young Babita) and done a brilliant job. Special mention to Fatima Sana Sheikh, who has played the character of Geeta Phogat. Sakshi Tanwar has been a great Daya kaur, the women who was struggling to be a caring mother and a supporting wife.

The movie has been shot in beautiful locations. The music has been embedded beautifully in the story. Every element of the film has been put so well that, it feels like it’s all real, just happening to you right in front of your eyes. Each one of us can relate to this movie in our own ways.

I will rate this movie 5/5. This movie is for everyone, irrespective of your age group. It will give you the motivation to challenge yourself and be the better version of you. And yes, if you have a daughter, please take her to watch this movie and tell her that there is nothing in this world that she should not and must not do just because she is a Girl! She can be the best in the game beating all those boys out there! Wish you all a Merry Christmas:)

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Jai GangaaJal

Jai GangaaJal

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Jai GangaaJal, a crime drama which is the sequel of movie Gangaajal released in 2003. I had a very high expectations with this movie, especially a woman playing a lead character. And, it’s a Prakash Jha Direction.

The film rolls at Bankipur District of Bihar which is highly corrupt and the entire system is on the fingertips of the politicians. With the influence of a politician, joins the first Female SP of the Region Aabha Mathur, played by Priyanka Chopra. Priyanka is simply amazing in this role. She is fit like a man, runs behind a criminal like a man and kicked many asses like a Man!! She is a total kickass! I thoroughly enjoyed her watching her in this role.

PeeCee is truly making waves with the variety of projects she is taking both on national and international level. She will make you fall in love with her character. Her command over language and dialogue deliveries are mind-blowing!!

Next in line is the character of B N Singh, played by Prakash Jha himself. He is a corrupt official who had a change of heart with sudden turn of events. Since, he is not only directed this movie but, also written the story, the screenplay and produced it; he knew how important is this character for the movie. I guess, that’s why he played it himself. He is headstrong, impressive and firm. This is the first time I have seen him acting and he is so impressive that you feel like you talking to someone right in front of you. He is definitely worth a watch! Hats off this guy!

Special mentions to Murli Sharma for playing Munna Mastani. This man is genius. You give him any character and he will put life into it. Rahul Bhat has a small but a significant role. He is done his part well. For the negative character, it goes to Ninad Kamat. He is brilliant. His body language, his dialogues, his entire personality is highly convincing to make you hate him.

As far as the story is concerned, it’s easy to guess the climax but the message comes out very loud and clear. No one should play with our country’s law and order or else the passionate khaki system knows how to deal with it. Once, Khaki gets crazy, no one will be spared! I truly salute to all the guys who maintain law and order in spite of difficult circumstances and high corruption in our country.

Direction is brilliant. The film doesn’t have songs but the director has used some folk songs very strategically and for the sets he has taken care of very minute details as well. He has been able to get the best of the performances from all his actors with some amazing dialogues like “Ilaichi Khayiye, soch me sugandh aayegi” one of the pet dialogues of B N Singh played by Director himself.

There were few disconnects in the movie. The shooting has been done in Bhopal and all the number plates have Madhya Pradesh registration and the district of the plot of the movie was Lakhisarai, a district in Bihar. Overall, it’s a good watch with some very strong performances and a good story line.

I will give this movie a 3.5*/5

I will encourage everyone to take their kids, especially daughters to watch this movie. This movie will inspire them to be courageous and strong to fight against evil. I will quote my favourite dialogue of the movie ” Jab khaki ka rang sahi ho na , toh chahe usse mard pehne ya aurat tum jaise namardon ko chutki mein uski aukaat dikha deti hai”



Bollywood has opened up a new genre of making movies inspired by true incidents by showing the real Hero in a common man.  “Airlft” is one of the phenomenal movies which will make into the favourites of many people. It is the first movie which I watched in theatre in 2016 and it has raised my expectation for upcoming releases this year.


After watching movies like Holiday, Baby, Gabbar is back, Special 26 etc., “Airlift” was the obvious choice in “Movie To Watch” list. All thanks to Akshay kumar who has done a paradigm shift and played lead in all the above movies.


The star for the film “Airlift” is the story. Hats off to the courage of gentlemen who took responsibility of 1,50,000 of their countrymen and brought them back home safely. This is a story of courage, hope, togetherness and a never die spirit. The director Raja Menon, who has also written the script of the movie has done a fantastic job in capturing those moments of fear, uncertainty, anxiety, and hope on 70 mm screen. He has brought the best in all his characters.


Let’s begin with the Lead Ranjeet Katiyal played by Akshay Kumar. He is simply outstanding. He has acted naturally and convincingly. He has played the role of a head strong man who is determined to bring his people home. Ranjeet had chances where he could have left Kuwait and flown with his family but he didn’t. He chose to be with his people. There were times where he got opposition from his wife, but he stood strong and convinced her about this evacuation operation.


Nimrat has played her character well. Few characters worth mentioning are Ibrahim Durrani, played by Purab Kohli. He is extremely convincing and has done his best in bringing out the goodness of Ibrahim in his role. Another character is George Kutty played by Prakash Belawadi. He is one of those irritating guys who don’t have the courage to do anything but keep on complaining on your efforts. Prakash has done this character annoyingly well.


This is a must watch movie for all age-groups. Most of the time, when people are settled abroad, they start thinking that they are the citizens of that country but sometimes reality is very different. Now, youngsters want to leave their country and go abroad for their education and eventually settle down. This involves certain risks as well. They should aware about these risks and then, take their decisions.


This also shows the efforts put in the Indian government and the pilots of Air India who brought 1,50,000 people in 488 flight back home.  And this is the largest evacuation in the History of mankind. Request you to please book your tickets and watch this movie. I am sure you will leave theatre with a proud feeling of being in a beautiful country and a great story for your kids.


Source: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/3/35/Airlift_poster.jpg


Movies are special to me and as a matter of fact, they are special to everyone. For some people, its mirror to the society, some people see themselves as protagonist, for some it’s way of life and for some people it is life. That’s why I never go by any ratings or opinions to watch a movie. I watch it myself and then I get very own version of story.

The day Tamasha released, many people were not so happy about it and yes, they voiced it on social media. We can’t escape that. It does grab our eye balls. Somehow, I was successful in not making an opinion about it. I watched the movie myself and I present to you my review on Tamasha.

The movie started with a story telling on stage, a Tamasha. Then, started series of events where a young boy was fascinated by stories. He goes to a story teller and pays him 5 bucks/hour to listen to a story. Then, he makes his own stories.

Story teller is a key character who has a commendable art of storytelling. He narrates them in a way that a child can understand and paint a picture in his mind. What’s interesting is that he mixes all the stories and gives them a different perspective altogether. And if we trace back in the history, they all are similar. The role has been played by Piyush Mishra and nobody could have done better than him.

I liked the thought where the actor Ved, played by Ranbir Kapoor goes for a vacation just to be himself. A place where no one knows him, no one judges him and no one tells him what to do. He can simply be himself. It’s something everyone can relate to, because we are living lives which is far away from what we want to as we all have to pay our mortgages. In this life, it’s getting difficult to be yourself because we all are living in the pressure of being someone. We all are unique and if we start being someone else, we are losing our uniqueness and that’s what makes us mediocre.

Tara, the lady love played by Deepika is sweet girl who understand things. She is open-minded and courageous to accept her feeling for Ved. She is the one who makes Ved realise where his heart belongs to. What he wants to do. Though, this realisation didn’t go down so well with him. That’s the reality with all of us. We just don’t want to accept who we are. We simply can’t handle rejection while it is important to fail in life. That makes Success a celebration. Tara, let’s Ved be what he wants to and appreciate the way he really is.

Music by A R Rahman has different genres and perfectly played within the story line. Corsica is beautiful. I liked the concepts but for the story, there are many dull moments. I lost interest in few segments which is not expected from an Imtiaz Ali movie. I do have the same observation that gradually I am finding all his movie similar. May be that’s what he wants to convey through story teller that all movies are similar.  The only things which differentiates is the art to storytelling!

Imtiaz Ali has done a great job as a story teller. He has shown the realities of life which we don’t accept but are a victim to it. It’s practical like many people do! He has been able to get the right sentiments delivered by the lead actors. For Music I will rate it 3.5/5, story 4/5 and direction 3/5

The above ratings are on the basis of my thoughts, which might differ from your’ s. For that you have to go and watch it. It’s definitely a lovely watch!

The Hundred-Foot Journey

I will begin this with an earnest confession! My Husband watched this movie during one of his flights to Delhi and since, then he has been all praises about the movie “The Hundred-foot journey”. And, then came the premier announcement of the movie on Star Movies Select HD on 26th Sept at 9:00 p.m.

He set a reminder on the digital TV and made sure I was not busy doing anything. And, the movie starts with the story of a family moving to Europe due to political unrest in India. Initially they moved to UK but when things didn’t work out, they decided to go to France to give shapes to their dream.  Om Puri, who is Papa to the family, decides to open up an Indian restaurant in a French village. The family opposed at first; the location being right opposite to Le Saule Pleureuer, the Michelin starrer restaurant run by Madame Mallory. But he sticks to his decision and makes it possible by opening Maison Mumbai. He proves that if you are truly passionate about something, you should do it, no matter what. Om Puri is cute, funny and warm. Simply loved him!! Some people just get better with age and I guess he is one of them.

Though this triggers a war between both the owners and they try to stop each other from functioning in different ways until one day, someone tries to set Maison Mumbai on fire and writes “France for French” on its wall.  Madame Mallory cleans it up and Hassan, the second son of the family who is the cook offers to make an omelette for Madame Mallory. She loved it and makes him an offer to join her restaurant and learn French cuisine. This was the hundred foot journey from Maison Mumbai to Le Saule Pleureuer. He does a great job and that makes Madame earn her second Michelin star for which she has been waiting for 30 years.

Manish Dayal, has played Hassan honestly with all his heart. I was surprised by the simplicity and the dignity with which he has played his character in this film. Hassan is supported by Marguerite, played by Charlotte le Bon who has helped him in understanding French cuisine by gifting him books and giving him the cue to please Madame Mallory. She is beautiful and flawless in her character.

But, the lady who has led the story is Madame Mallory, played by Helen Mirren. She is the “stubborn like an OX” yet has that capacity to identify the right chef, the one with the real gift. Though, a rival she has nice and supportive to Kadam family. Somewhere down my heart, I completely agree with the message of the movie. Wherever you go, whatever you do; you simply can’t forget where you come from. The real achievements are those, which can celebrated with family and may be that was the reason Hassan returned to this little village even after getting critical acclaim in Paris.

The reason my husband wanted me to watch this movie is that, he wanted to tell me importance of having a good food which according to him is not provided by my cooks. He wants me to cook more often:). During this entire movie, he didn’t let me move. He did the salads and served the food on table; which he does occasionally (This is extremely rare occasion, trust me). This shows that, the way to Man’s heart goes through his belly!!
The Director, Lasse Hallström has done an outstanding job. I felt as if the movie is an event happening right in front of my eyes. It was so real and there are bits of Hindi, as well. Thank you, Richard Morais for this lovely story. Special Mention to the soulful music, composed by our very own A. R. Rahman. It’s very well thought with right amount of sauces and spices to make it a perfect Dish! If you haven’t watched it yet, please do. And yes, please watch it with your family. You will have a great time.

Bajrangi Bhaijaan

I am huge SALMAN Fan and Bajrani Bhaijaan has been into my MUST WATCH list from the time the promotions started on Social Media. But, getting the ticket was a real fight. House Full on Book my Show for the Eid weekend. All the tickets were booked in advance. So, I had to take the trouble of going to one of my nearest theaters to get the tickets. This reminded me of those old times when you had to stand in a queue to get the tickets for a Super hit movie. But, this movie is a Hit from the first day first show!

#BajraniBhaijaan what a concept!! The movie is about a beautiful relationship which knows no border. A girl who can’t speak is lost in India and by god’s grace she meets Bajrangi, our Salman Khan who pledges to take her back to her family in Pakistan. In this world where people are just killing people, coming out with this concept was extremely thoughtful of the team. It’s a moment of pride for me, that Indian Cinema is coming out with brilliant concepts which has made the people think. Cinema is a mirror to the society and it has the power to change the thought process. This is one of those movies. Kudos to the entire team.

Talking about characters, let me begin with Bhaijaan, Salman Khan. He has played Pawan kumar Chaturvedi, who is disciple of Lord Hanuman and doesn’t lie. You will love him for his simplicity and honesty in his character. At the same time, he has been extremely passionate about helping the little girl and taking her back to her family in Pakistan come what may. He has been emotional like a child and tough like a tiger. This is one of his outstanding performances. Next, I will talk about the little girl Harshali Malhotra. She is the real star of the film. She has acted so well as speech impaired girl that you can’t believe her age. Her expressions, emotions and beauty are simply adorable. She looks like a doll and any one will fall in love with her.

Kareena Kapoor, (Rasika) the leading lady who has played the lady love is beautiful as ever like the name of her character. She has acted naturally and done great for the part given to her. She has looked great with ethnic wear and lovely jewelry. Nawazuddin Siddiqui, who has played Chand Nawaz, a Pakistani reporter is marvelous. His passionate efforts to help Bajrangi in finding the little girl’s parent are remarkable. He has added humor to his character which has left a mark on my mind. Special Mention to Om Puri and Sharat Saxena for their performances.

The best part of the film is the story, which is written by V Vijendra Prasad who is known to have given many blockbusters one of which is Bahubali. The dialogues are superb, songs are peppy. Everyone around is humming #Selfielelere. The film has been shot at beautiful locations like Rajasthan, New Delhi and Kashmir adding beauty to the story. The film has been conceived, thought, and directed extremely well by Kabir Khan, who has put all his heart to the movie. We, viewers have laughed, cried, prayed and fallen in love with the movie. High on emotion, brilliant on passion and Great in Action. A MUST WATCH movie and trust me, you will leave the theatre with pride, happiness and smile on your face.

Dum Laga ke Haisha

This weekend I had no plans to watch a movie as the promos for Dum Laga ke Haisha didn’t seem so promising to me. But, the pouring compliments on Social Media changed my mind and trust me, the movie is worth it!

For this movie, I will first begin with the plot. It’s a very well written and directed by Sharat Katariya. He has taken care of every single element of the film beautifully. He has chosen apt characters, perfect locations and nuances of the language spoken in that part of the country. The choice of words chosen for dialogues bring this story to reality and everyone can relate to it. He has done his work brilliantly; keeping it really simple and that’s what makes the movie a great watch. They are many simple yet extraordinary scenes such as war of songs between the two lead characters.

Moving on to Characters, Prem Tiwari played by Ayushmann Khurrana is great. It seemed that the character was only written for him. He has played the perfect dork who wants to do things but doesn’t dare. This movie is a turnaround film for him. Sandhya, played by Bhumi Pednekar is a strong, convincing and humorous performance in every possible way. Girl, what a performance for a first film. You are simply awesome. Other characters in this movie such as Sanjay Mishra, Seema pahwa have done their part extremely well to make it a complete package.

A special mention to the stylist who has designed the costumes and given the right get up to all the characters. He has made sure that all the accessories give the character a perfect look like sports shoes with blazers and those pyjamas to mention a few elements.

A sweet surprise in the film was legendary singer Kumar Sanu. Heard him after a long time and his voice is still mesmerizing. The songs are sweet. Sunder Susheel has got regional flavor while Moh Moh ke Dhaage is a melodious one.

The best thing about the film is that it seemed as if it was happening right in front of our eyes not on 70 mm screen. Dum laga ke Haisha is another gem coming from Yash Raj Films. The legacy continues and they know the nerve of Indian viewers. A simply story which gives you message by making you laugh. 4*/5. A highly recommended watch and please go with the love of your life! You are going to have a great time.

Badlapur, What a FILM!!

The name reads Badlapur, don’t miss the beginning. It’s just not the beginning but till the end, you simply can’t get out of your chair. The story keeps you glued.

I wanted to watch the movie from the day it started rolling promotions on Television; especially to watch Varun Dhawan diversifying himself into a new dimension of Acting. Varun has taken a huge leap from his last movie and must say, his acting skills have grown exponentially. He has played Raghu, a sweet boy who matures into a dark man due to the circumstances so convincingly. I especially admire him playing the older Raghu. His transition from the youth to the revengeful is seamless and mind blowing. Hats off to his performance. He has raised the bar with his performance in this movie.

But, the Man who deserves a standing ovation for this film is Nawazuddin Siddiqui. He has played a dark character being a perfect fool. He has added humorous element to the movie. This guy does his homework thoroughly. His acting, comes to him effortlessly. This character is going to be a milestone in his career for sure. Take a bow MAN!!

Coming to the female protagonists, Huma Qureshi has looked beautiful and extremely comfortable in her skin. This girl is amazing. She does things as if they come naturally to her. Other ladies Divya, Yami and Radhika are commendable. They have played a small but strong roles which has given the story a different direction.
The story line is very simple with well-defined characters. Director has done a brilliant job with the script. Songs are sweet but Jee Karda is my personal favorite due to Varun’s Dance. 4*/5. A movie highly recommended!! Please get your tickets booked to watch a great movie.


The most talked film of the season, Shamitabh Featuring Mr. Amitabh Bhachchan, Dhanush and Akshara Hasan released this week. The film opened with the famous dialogue of Mr. Bachchan from film Deewar “Tum log mujhe dhund rahe ho aur main tumhara yahan intezar kar raha hoon”. What an opening!! It raises the expectation of the viewer.
Let’s begin with the most important aspect of movie making, the story of the movie. It about a little boy Danish, who is crazy about films and wants to become a hero. He is extremely good with his emotions but unfortunately, he is unable to speak. He finds his voice in Amitabh Sinha (played by Mr. Amitabh Bachchan) and the duo works together as a team to make it big in the industry till their egos tear them apart. The story is inspiring but somehow does not seem to be practical. There are several ups and downs in the movies. First half is emotional with loads of drama but the graph takes a deep dive in the second half. The flow doesn’t seems to be in sync. It seems that there are many episodes going on in the movie, which makes it pretty confusing as a viewer.
Coming to Individual performance, Sr Bachchan is brilliant and he delivers his part extremely well. He is getting better with every performance like an old wine. He has looked very convincing for his character. Dhanush, with his humble looks has performed flawlessly. It must have been very difficult to play Mr. Bachchan’s body. He has done it extremely well. Akshara Hasan who has played an Assistant Director is beautiful and stylish. It doesn’t look like it’s her first film. She has managed to pull up with both Dhanush and Mr. Bachchan in all the scenes.
This movie is an amalgamation of brilliant ideas. Since, R balki the director of the film is an ad guru and has used many of the marketing concepts. One of them is Piddly. The song is sung in the voice of Mr. Amitabh Bachchan on a toilet seat and it is shot with various versions of toilet seats. That’s a funny interpretation. The movie has captured perfect branding for many brands like Lifebuoy, Filmfare, Knorr Soups, Hindware, Lakme to name a few.
Another great idea they have used is both of them have either narrated or enacted their life incidents like Amitabh says that his voice has been rejected by TV and even by All India Radio. How could he be voice to anyone? Danish has played a Bus conductor before being an actor, an incident inspired by his father in law, Rajnikant. There are many such elements in the movie to watch for.
I would give it a 2*/5 on entertainment quotient, 4*/5 on performances which makes it an overall rating of 3*/5. A movie for Classes not Masses!


Hawaizaada, one of the releases this week featuring Ayushman Khurana, Mithoon Charkavarti and Pallavi Sharda in the leading role is a tribute to one of the unsung heroes of India Shivkar Bapuji Talpade who built first unmanned plane. The film is directed by Vibhu Puri.

The movie begins with projecting Shivi, the lead character who speaks his mind and is a free bird from his mind. He is considered a highly inefficient guy and his ideas are not well appreciated in his school, family and neighborhood. Then, accidently he meets Sitara, a dancer who becomes his love interest. Discovering this, he is thrown out of the house by his father. Then, the next hour is all about his love story. This part is extremely confusing and fails to grab attention of the viewers.

Then Shivi meets Shashtri ji enacted by Mithoon chakravarti and the story taken an upturn in the second half. This part shows the struggle they have put in to develop the idea going against the British rule and become the first to fly in the world. They faced many challenges in doing so and one of them being financial constraints. They manage to get support from a local king. But, soon when the king denies for further support, Shivi gets support from his old friends who are inspired by him. The idea of being the first in the world does spark a feeling of patriotism and pride for the country. He could challenge the idea that Indians can’t make anything before British.

After lot of challenges, he could actually fly a plane but the British government hid it because they never wanted to spark a revolution against them.

Coming to the characters, the choice could have been better for someone who could speak genuine Marathi as Shivi. Ayushman fails to be in the shoes of a Marathi and could not get away with is north Indian accent. Pallavi Sharad did not seem to be the right choice. Someone more graceful could have been better. Star of the movie is Mithoon Chakravarti. He has played his part extremely well. Sometimes it is amazing to see the variety or roles he has done and all of them so very well.

The concept of the movie is nice. Better screenplay and direction would have made this movie much better. Somehow, the core message gets lost in midst of the love story between the two leads. Except for Daak Ticket and Dil-e-nadaan, other songs are not that interesting. You can only enjoy the movie if, you have patience to sail through the first half. It scores low on the entertainment quotient. I would give it 2.5*/5. Watch at your own risk.