The Hundred-Foot Journey

I will begin this with an earnest confession! My Husband watched this movie during one of his flights to Delhi and since, then he has been all praises about the movie “The Hundred-foot journey”. And, then came the premier announcement of the movie on Star Movies Select HD on 26th Sept at 9:00 p.m.

He set a reminder on the digital TV and made sure I was not busy doing anything. And, the movie starts with the story of a family moving to Europe due to political unrest in India. Initially they moved to UK but when things didn’t work out, they decided to go to France to give shapes to their dream.  Om Puri, who is Papa to the family, decides to open up an Indian restaurant in a French village. The family opposed at first; the location being right opposite to Le Saule Pleureuer, the Michelin starrer restaurant run by Madame Mallory. But he sticks to his decision and makes it possible by opening Maison Mumbai. He proves that if you are truly passionate about something, you should do it, no matter what. Om Puri is cute, funny and warm. Simply loved him!! Some people just get better with age and I guess he is one of them.

Though this triggers a war between both the owners and they try to stop each other from functioning in different ways until one day, someone tries to set Maison Mumbai on fire and writes “France for French” on its wall.  Madame Mallory cleans it up and Hassan, the second son of the family who is the cook offers to make an omelette for Madame Mallory. She loved it and makes him an offer to join her restaurant and learn French cuisine. This was the hundred foot journey from Maison Mumbai to Le Saule Pleureuer. He does a great job and that makes Madame earn her second Michelin star for which she has been waiting for 30 years.

Manish Dayal, has played Hassan honestly with all his heart. I was surprised by the simplicity and the dignity with which he has played his character in this film. Hassan is supported by Marguerite, played by Charlotte le Bon who has helped him in understanding French cuisine by gifting him books and giving him the cue to please Madame Mallory. She is beautiful and flawless in her character.

But, the lady who has led the story is Madame Mallory, played by Helen Mirren. She is the “stubborn like an OX” yet has that capacity to identify the right chef, the one with the real gift. Though, a rival she has nice and supportive to Kadam family. Somewhere down my heart, I completely agree with the message of the movie. Wherever you go, whatever you do; you simply can’t forget where you come from. The real achievements are those, which can celebrated with family and may be that was the reason Hassan returned to this little village even after getting critical acclaim in Paris.

The reason my husband wanted me to watch this movie is that, he wanted to tell me importance of having a good food which according to him is not provided by my cooks. He wants me to cook more often:). During this entire movie, he didn’t let me move. He did the salads and served the food on table; which he does occasionally (This is extremely rare occasion, trust me). This shows that, the way to Man’s heart goes through his belly!!
The Director, Lasse Hallström has done an outstanding job. I felt as if the movie is an event happening right in front of my eyes. It was so real and there are bits of Hindi, as well. Thank you, Richard Morais for this lovely story. Special Mention to the soulful music, composed by our very own A. R. Rahman. It’s very well thought with right amount of sauces and spices to make it a perfect Dish! If you haven’t watched it yet, please do. And yes, please watch it with your family. You will have a great time.