Shehnaz, My first Parsi Affair!!

It was my first day at TATA Motors. Devika, my colleague and the only female member in my team was given the responsibility to introduce me to everyone in the department. And that’s how I met Shehnaz Mistry, the first Parsi of my life. When I looked at her, she was completely different from others. A woman white as snow, curly hair, spectacled eyes, smile larger than life and absolutely comfortable in her skin.

Our friendship grew on tea/coffee breaks where I use to have my green tea while she use to have a cup of hot water. She has got nothing to do with things which are healthy. They simply do not exist in her menu. She is a foodie and can talk to you about food for hours and that too non-stop. Now, you know from where the extra pounds on my face are coming from. When I started knowing her better, I simply fell in love with her. She lost her parents at very young age but has managed to fight against all odds and has done very well in her life. Circumstances have never let her lose her charm in any possible way. She is a great wife, a great sister and a great mother and a sweetheart friend. She has made sure that all the true values of life are properly induced in her daughter.

For the last three and half years, the amount of food I have shared with her, I doubt I have even done it with my sisters. She has made special dishes for me and bringing it on my preferred days. (There are particular days when I don’t eat non-veg). She knows what I like and what I don’t. She has slipped all the things which I don’t like into her plate and never made me realize that. She has understood my mind before I say anything to her. She has never returned without a gift for me from wherever she goes for her vacation. She can listen to me the entire day without judging me and with immense patience. There have been times, when she has spoken for me and stood very strong with her words by my side. We have opened our hearts to each other.

She is a great motivation and a great support of my life in many ways. She is my soul sister and has given a beautiful meaning to this relationship. Her unconditional love and support has made my relation with my sisters very strong.

Now, she is taking a shift in the role and moving to a different location. It is difficult to believe that there would be no one saying “Chal” when I call 210. It is difficult to believe that there would be no one getting special parsi food for me. There will be no one kissing and hugging me after every success at work and return from a trip. But, I am happy for her and I know, there will be a new extension in my life connecting to Shehnaz mistry and I have a home at Parel where I can go any time of the day and there will be opens arms to welcome me. I wish her luck and Loads of love to her!!